Random #15

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[1] fortune cookies: "A long term goal will soon be achieved." -> A-Levels?
[2] Nivea Powerfruit Refresh
[3] apple danishes
[4] Sister made some onigiris with roasted salmon.
[5] yummy, healthy yogurt with fruit
[6] selfmade Cream-Cheese-Cake by my sister
[7] mint!
[8] frozen yogurt at Youghurt at the Berlin Blogger Meeting
[9] yummy lunch: egg-bacon-sandwich with grapes and ice tea
[10] My girlies!!  (photo from our 18th birthday party last year)

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  1. Echt schöne Bilder *-*
    Von wo hast du deinen mintgrünen Nagellack ? :-)

  2. Also der Mintgrüne Nagellack ist wirklich schön und ich habe nun lust auf Kuchen bekommen ... aber echt toller Blog :)
    Liebe Grüße :)



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