Travel: Hamburg (Hafengeburtstag) – Photo Diary

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A few weeks after my UK trip two of my friends who I know from primary school took me to Hamburg. The two gave the weekend to me as a birthday present for my 20th birthday but guess what? We didn't manage to see each other for over a year. But beginning May 2016 Karla and me backed our bags and took off the beautiful seaport to visit out friend Sarah, who has been living there for a couple of years now.

Actually it was my first time in Hamburg. I had been at the central station a few times but never had explored the city. We were lucky – we combined a holiday (Ascension Day) and even got the chance to see the Hafengeburtstag (literally: Birthday of the Harbour), which is a big festive weekend in Hamburg. 

We sat at the canal, had some Alster and Fischbrötchen, had gelato at the Innenalster, took walks to Außenalster, Planten un Blomen (where we saw a light and fountain show), visited the Picasso exhibition, explored Speicherstadt, Hafen City, St. Pauli and a few more, partied at Reeperbahn, had some drinks at the 20UP bar to enjoy the fireworks. It was really nice to spend so much time with the girls again but after I spent so many weeks on the go, I was so relieved to go back to Berlin and just stay home.

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  1. Ein paar schöne Bilder. ich bin auch bald mal wieder in Hamburg und freue mich schon sehr darauf.

    1. Ui wie schön! War das letzte Mal im Oktober dort. Hab Spaß! :)


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