Travel: Manchester (UK Day 4) – Photo Diary

Friday, July 07, 2017

The fourth day was my last in Manchester. We visited the Art Gallery and wow, I didn't know that their collection was so large and well-curated! I even didn't know that they had several famous Dutch still paintings and Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs. After we headed to the City Council (which looked liked Hogwarts!) my sister and me were so hungry so we made a stop at Pret A Porter, but the sandwiches weren't that satisfying. You-Bin loved the blueberry pancakes in Liverpool's Moose Coffee so much that she insisted to get one again. Luckily they still had opened so we enjoyed the pancakes one last time and went to see the Corn Exchange, Football Museum and Victoria Station.
The next day my sister went to her hostel early in the morning to meet her study mates and I headed to the airport. I even visited a class at university after my arrival in Berlin.

My résumé? Spend more time in Liverpool rather than Manchester. We both enjoyed Liverpool more since there is more to see and do. Maybe even take a coach and go to see other towns around Manchester, since Leeds, Sheffield and even Birmingham aren't too far away. It was a nice trip, very British with all the cold and wind in late April, but I enjoyed our stay there very much.

Manchester Art Gallery

City Council

Pret A Porter & Moose Coffee

Corn Exchange

Victoria Station

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