Travel: Kraków – Poland Photo Diary Day 3

Friday, August 25, 2017

Just to make it clear: We we four days in Kraków, but arriving doesn't really count, since we arrived at night and just crashed into the hotel. Anyway, on our last day our group decided to split since everyone wanted to see/do something else. Steffi and me explored the rest of the city we haven't had seen yet and walked to the Barbican and the Grunwald Monument. After that we waited for the others to arrive at Wawel Castle, where we planned to meet them. Well, they were too tired so the two of us just wandered around, took the walk back to have some lunch and then headed to the hotel. That was pretty much it.

But don't forget that it still was a chaos trip. At the airport our plane had a delay of an hour so we waited before the security check. The girls even did their nails and repacked their stuff. At some point we decided to go to the gate and well ... We nearly missed our flight because they changed the plane without our knowledge to a bigger one and had been waiting for us! I literally ran with half open boots to the aircraft (I had to take them off at security) and my stuff nearly fell out of my half open suitcase. But we got on the plane on time and even arrived in time in Berlin, without any delay. WTH. After that Steffi's sister picked us up and I just crashed into bed at home. What a trip.

Barbican & Grunwald Monument

Rynek Główny (Main Square)

Kościół ŚŚ Piotra i Pawła w Krakowie (St. Peter & Paul Church)

Wawel Cathedral & Castle

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