Travel: Zakopane – Poland Photo Diary Day 2

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On our second full day we stood up after only three hours of sleep, totally hungover and grumpy. Steffi and me even managed to get breakfast and after that we literally ran to the train station to get our train. Paulina wanted to spend her birthday in Zakopane, a small village near Kraków (about 90 km). Remember when I told you in the last post that our trip was pure chaos? Well, we somehow got our tickets at the second vending machine (the first one didn't work ...), Steffi caught our train last minute and we rushed to our seats. About 20 min in we complimented the comfort of the train and were impressed that we got a whole cabin for ourselves for a ridiculous price. After the train conductor had checked our tickets he talked for a very long time with Paule (she was the only one who could speak Polish) and well, now guess what happened ... Of course we took the wrong train! Damn it!

So we got out at Bochnia station (the conductor luckily didn't charge us extra money), exchanged our tickets (thank you so much!) and went back to Kraków Glowny. Damn it 2nd time. We bought tickets for a coach and it took us about 2-3 hours to the Polish village. At that time the sun was already setting (it was winter, d'uh), we were exhausted, sleep deprived and hangry. But after we saw the "Welcome to Zakopane" sign, entered the town and hopped onto the cable car, everything was much better.

Guys, the view! I can tell you the view was worth everything! And there was so much snow everywhere! Simply beautiful. After we spent about 1-2 h up there, we went downtown for dinner. I had a huuuuuge steak with some kind of Polish spätzle (No idea, Paulina, can you help out?), salads and paid about 13€ with a tea. WTH. 

After that we took the coach back and tried to sleep for a bit but that bus ride, oh God ... It was horrific. Those people just couldn't shut up even in the middle of the night and did crazy stuff I cannot even recall now. Maybe for the better. Anyway, at the hotel we just crushed into bed and slept like the dead.

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