Monthly Recap: August 2017

Saturday, September 02, 2017


Listened to:

This month I discovered an artist called EDEN. I totally love his vocals and his pop-electro-styled music. Of course the lyrics are the best. sex, drugs and XO are my favourite songs of him.


  • Ernest Hemingway - Paris: Ein Fest fürs Leben (A Moveable Feast)
    • Really interesting and cute little stories. Must read for everyone!
  • Ernest Cline - Ready Player One
    •  I totally looooooved it! I listened to the audio book and could not stop, even listened for hours on some days. Ernest Cline created such an awesome story, the characters were relateable and fitted and you really felt the adrenaline. I would even say that Ready Player One is one of my favourite books ever (and that means a lot!). Really excited for the movie coming out next year!
  • Christian Kracht - Faserland
    • I really liked the writing style. Humour was on point and the protagonist somehow reminded me of Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye.


  • Games of Thrones Season 7
    • Looking back it has been the worst season of all. So many confusing plot holes and not that exciting deaths. Let's hope for a better final 8th season.
  • Now You See Me 2 - Die Unfassbaren
    • Sequels are mostly worse than the original movie. Same with this one.
  • Donnie Darko 
    • Very interesting, always wanted to watch that.
  • Lucifer Season 1 & 2
    • The show really lost it quick. The protagonists don't suit each other (no chemistry!) and the story lines are kind of boring.
  • Vielleicht, vielleicht auch nicht
    • Cute story!
  • The Voices
    • Wow, haha, didn't expect that. Creepy but in a fun way.
  • Straight Outta Compton
    • Really nice movie. Enjoyed it a lot. Also very interesting and educating.
  • Modern Family 
    • You know, the usual. :)

What I ate:

A lot again of course. I had brunch at Sets and at Benedict Berlin, Italian food for my sister's birthday, schnitzel in Moritzburg and Chinese food in Dresden, pizza at L'Osteria, BBQ at my work's, homemade burger at home, Vietnamese food at Fam. Dang, vegan burger at Valladares with Lisa and Mirja, cooked several meals including chili con carne in Barcelona ...

Travelled to:

Mid August I have been to Dresden and Moritzburg with my family for a day. It was quite windy and cold but a really nice day! Moritzburg is very beautiful, I am glad that I saw it. In Dresden we basically only have been to the Albertinum since it rained heavily the whole day. Very recommendable!
At the end of the month I finally moved to Barcelona. Second time being abroad for more than five weeks and first time really living on my own. It is exciting and I am curious for the next few months.

Feelings & Thoughts:


OMG, August has been crazy. 

I cut ties with someone (was kind of sad), went to party several times (Club der Visionäre, Holzmarkt25, Casseiopeia, Hannibal, The Bridge ...), enjoyed the last summer days of Berlin, attended Lange Nacht der Museen with my sister, played an escape room game with my friends, had awesome food and ice cream (Hokey Pokey!), celebrated Aleks' 23rd bithday, went to Viacom's BBQ and RCKT's summer party, got inked the second time, ...

For several months I have been feeling very bad, I haven't been myself and felt so lost. Actually I cried a lot and almost for no reason what is really unsual for me. I couldn't open up to anybody, so the hole inside me grew and grew and grew. 

Two weeks ago I wanted to prove something to myself so I just went for it, even though it could have been a real bad idea. It's strange 'cause it was the same as former times, but it didn't feel like it. I could approach it from a more objective and distant perspective and I realised that I moved on. For good. It's funny because since I lost interest, the other party reaches out to me a lot more. Such a cliché, right?

Now I am in Barcelona, sitting in my living room while looking outside the window. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I'll get an afternoon snack soon, while tipping these words. Since I moved here a few days ago I feel so much lighter and at ease. Berlin has been quite heavy on me the past year and I really didn't feel welcome there anymore. So let's try this Barcelonan-life now.

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