Monthly Recap: October 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017


Listened to:

This month I listened a lot to Lorde since I went to her concert in the beginning of the month. And it was awesome! Very emotional, very interactive, very fun. Really, really enjoyed it a lot.

This month I finally had the chance to listen to DVSN's new album Morning After. My favourite song from the album is actually Claim, reminds me a lot of their debut. (And they are playing a concert in Berlin next spring!)

Majid Jordan released their second album The Space Between at the end of the month. I was waiting for it since they announced it and since the release I am listening to it non stop. Fave songs so far: Body Talk, Gave You Love Away and You. And of course I already booked a ticket for their concert in Berlin next March!

The final artist I really enjoyed was DYSN (any funny relations to DVSN?). I especially like I R L and Drunk & Romantic, soooo good! He really reminds me of EDEN, whom I featured in my August recap.


  • Barry Buzan - People, States & Fear
  • various scientific papers about international relations

Not much this month. Had other things to do..


  • Zootropolis 
    • I guess it is one of my favourite movies. Just loooooove it! (Will there be a sequel? Hopefully!)
  • Sex and the City Movie 
    • You know, just something light to relax.
  • Suits Season 7.1
    • Oh I like season 7 so far! After the boring season 6.2 I really enjoyed it.
  • Dynasty
    • I needed a new series which is very simple-minded and fun. Yes, it does its job.
  • Let's Eat Season 1 
    • Awwwww loved that K-drama! Lee Soo-Kyung is my spirit animal, I mean, she loves food as much as me! 

What I ate:

I cooked and out outside a lot this month. I made pumpkin soup, green thai curry noodles, different salads, rice with stuff ... I also had a lot of tapas, falafel bowls, unbelievably delicious sangría, hell a lot of wine, bubble tea, cafes con leche de soya y arroz and finally pizza after two months of abstinence! One of the highlights of the month!

Travelled to:

At the end of the month I went to Zaragoza with the UdK girls. The Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar was very impressive and the town itself very interesting and charming. Definitely recommendable for a day trip!

In Barcelona I visited Palau Güell, MUHBA, Parc de Ciutadella, Sagrada Família, Park Güell & Mirador Virolai/Joan Sales, Jardí Botànic, Museu Blau and Museu Frederic Marès. And I was at Lorde's "Melodrama" world tour in Club Sant Jordi! In recap quite a lot even though I feel like I rested a lot this month.

Feelings & Thoughts:

Oh, October just flew by so fast I cannot even tell. During my birthday weekend Anja and Lucas visited me in Barcelona so I was constantly on the go. It was very chaotic due to huge flight delays, period cramps, headlessly running around searching for food ... But in whole I really enjoyed the company and weekend. Thanks guys! 
The week after it was Eyleen's birthday and on that day I had planned to go to Madrid, but cancelled it last minute due to some circumstances. The week after I went to Zaragoza – and got ill because I was freezing all night in the bus. The following days I stayed in bed with light fever, a sore throat and a running nose. And well, last weekend my wallet got stolen. Again. Two times in not even two years. WTF?!

You know, since the first incident happened in January 2016, I am totally paranoid regarding losing my stuff. Therefore I constantly check on my belongings, make sure to put my valuables at the bottom of my bags and to secure it, and to close my pockets very thoroughly. I guess I haven't been paying attention for only 10 seconds and boom – bag open and wallet gone. I didn't even notice! So there I was: With hurting legs and feet because I was wearing my new heels for the first time, mobile phone low on battery (11%) with no money, metro ticket or any identity document. Fortunately I reached my flat mate who picked me up and lent me money, otherwise I would have needed to walk home. Remember I was wearing my new heels? Yeah.
So the day after I went to the police station to file a report, waited 2 h to fill out a document which I could have done online in Berlin (you know, homegirl didn't get pickpocketed for the first time and knows the drill) and just crashed into bed after two stressful days. Of course it sucks and it's hell of expensive and nerve wrecking, but I am so glad that I left my driving license and my credit card at home, otherwise I would be fucked right now. Steffi will visit me next week and bring all my new cards along. Everything will be fine, in the end.

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