Monthly Recap: November 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Listened to:

Eden – Start//End & Gold


Some stuff for uni, some articles ... 


  • Let's Eat Season 2 
    • Even though I liked the characters, I liked season 1 way better.
  • The Client List 
    • Was fun!

Travelled to:



Honestly Madrid hasn't been really on my overall travel bucket list. The city never popped on my radar before my stay in Spain/Catalonia. But since I am here for a while, I thought: "Why not?" and have been looking for cheap flights and busses. Actually I wanted to go in October, when the temperatures were still hot and summery, but my AirBNB was cancelled out of the sudden and I couldn't find any place to stay. So I rebooked for November and it was quite cold (for Spanish circumstances of course). But so nice! Most of my friends and acquaintances didn't like the capital too much so my expectations were at the lowest point possible. But I really, really enjoyed it! Especially the museums (I've been to three on one day, crazy me), Parque de Retiro and the following place ...

San Lorenzo de El Escorial 

... which was the Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It is a former aristocratic residence with a monastery, basilica and various churches in a small village about an hour away from Madrid. Actually the girl next to me in the bus recommended it to me and it was really nice to visit. The garden was also pretty and inside the building it is just insane. If you happen to be in Madrid and have enough time, definitely visit San Lorenzo. The village is also really pretty!

What I've eaten:

Pinxos, tapas, paella, pizza, ramen, montaditos, churros con chocolate, much cake and chocolates calientes. Much rice, plain rice, since I got myself into some food-stomach-issue.

Thoughts & Feelings:

I am very late with this monthly recap. Almost too late I would guess.

November was a busy month for me. It started with a packed first weekend full of dancing at SoundEat!, two flea markets, many museums, two friends visiting me one after another and me going to Madrid straight after. After that I prepared for my exams, fell ill, wrote and took my exams and worked like a lunatic in advance to have free time for my one week trip to Andalucía in December. Holy.

Ah and let's not forget the duck story. Let's just say: A duck crashed a date I had in the beginning of the month. A real, living duck. Until now, the most hilarious date story I can tell.

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