This was 2017 (Yearly Recap)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017. It's over. Finally. And sadly.

There are bad years and good years. Average years and some which sky rocket. And sometimes it is something in between. 

Actually I am not too sure where to put 2017.

What the hell, 2017?!

2017 just has been crazy and unexpected in so many ways. End of 2016 I never thought this year will develop like this. Sure, I knew I would graduate in May and most likely will be abroad somewhere for the last third of the year. And all that happened. But funnily both under such different circumstances, if I look back.

The first half was occupied by my Bachelor's graduation project, which stressed me way more out than I had expected. During that time I avoided the confrontation with a person I used to care about a lot. Why? Because I had thousand other things on mind I was anxious about. Because I already knew his answer and I didn't want it to end, even though I was torturing myself with that relationship.

But I made that cut. I still have no idea if the aftermath was worse. Neither distance nor keeping myself busy could soothe the pain. Meeting friends, new people, working, ... nothing could keep my mind busy enough to distract myself.

Every coin has two sides, right?

But then Barcelona came by. Sure, in between there already were highlights: Flying back to my home country after two freaking long years, travelling through Hong Kong and Macau, friends, getting to know new people, and so much more. But not before I arrived in Catalonia's capital I could breathe.
After months I finally felt free again. It was crazy sometimes here (university is a mess, my wallet got stolen, I constantly get sick because I am not working out anymore) but those little things did not affect me as much as all those messed up months before. And there it was: The realisation that times does heal.

Of course there is a but. I was too naive to think moving to another city (or even country) will solve all my problems. At first it seemed like it but then the clouds came back. And right before the new year another big issue is crushing down on me. Lovely, right?

So, how was my 2017 and what did I learn? 

  • Actually that life sucks sometimes, sometimes less and sometimes worse. Those things can affect you forever but it is up to you, if you let them get to you. 
  • There are toxic people you just need to cut out of your life. It doesn't matter how bad you want to stay in contact, it doesn't matter what feelings you may have for them. Those people will hurt you over and over again and it is just foolish to continue like that.
  • You cannot run away from your problems. Sure, it might help for a while, but everything comes back. Everytime.
  • People with low expectations are happier. So, not me at all.

But I want to close this posting with something positive. Realistic, not sugar coated.

2017 was quite a lesson which is still on-going. But I am so much stronger in comparison to the beginning of the year and willing to change a few things. I hate this "New Year, New Me" thing but this time I will take it as a chance to really target different issues in order to improve my own and the well-being of the people who are close to me.

So 2018, let's bring it on.

I am ready for you.

Travelled to:

January: Poland (Kraków & Zakopane)
February: –
April: Germany (Baltic Sea – Rostock & Warnemünde)
May: –
June: South Korea (Seoul) & China (Hong Kong & Macau)
July: South Korea (Seoul)
August: Spain/Catalonia (Barcelona)
September: Spain (Válencia, Girona & Tarragona)
October: Spain (Zaragoza)
November: Spain (Madrid & San Lorenzo de El Escorial)
December: Spain (Andalucía – Málaga, Granada, Sevilla, Cádiz & Córdoba; Catalonia – Montserrat)

Favourite Music & Artists:

Halsey – 100 Letters, Alone, Now or Never

EDEN – crash, XO, drugs, gold

Lauv – Reforget

Vérité – Somebody Else

Allie X feat. Vérité – Casanova

Peggy Gou - Troop

DVSN – Hallucinations, With Me/Do It Well, Try/Effortless, Claim

Majid Jordan – OG Heartthrob

DYSN – IRL (feat. Prelow), Drunk & Romantic (feat. Jaxon)


  • Kraków
  • A beautiful and sleepy weekend in January with someone, I used to care about
  • Bachelor graduation project & its presentation
  • Hong Kong Victoria Bay Skyline
  • Louis Vuitton's "Volez, Voguez, Voyagez" exhibition in Seoul
  • Banana Corporation’s pizza parties
  • Barcelona
  • Paella in Válencia
  • Casa Lolea
  • Alsur Café’s chocolate caliente
  • Granada + Alhambra
  • A person who I met at the end of October and who showed me, how people act, if they really care about someone
  • All my friends visiting me in Barcelona
  • Improving my speaking and listening skills in Spanish (kind of haha)

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