Monthly Recap: January 2018

Friday, February 09, 2018


Listened to:

EDEN - vertigo (Album)

One of my favourite artists dropped his debut album and I am really in love with it. The first night it came out, I basically took the time and listened to every song and read the lyrics to it. I have to admit that I wasn't too excited after listening to it the first time, but after a few runs I really like it. Besides the few singles he had released before hand (gold, crash, start//end) I especially love "icarus". 


This and that, nothing really worth mentioning.


  • The Good Place
  • Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes 3 + 4
  • Star Wars VIII
  • Food Choices
  • The Client List (Movie)
  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • Legend
  • Angels & Demons
  • Inferno
  • Codename U.N.C.L.E.
  • Olympus has fallen
  • London has fallen

Travelled to:


Sitges is a small town located only 1 hour from Barcelona. Since I had free time I decided to take the train and visit it for a day. And what can I say, it was lovely! Small and pretty with so many nice beaches, some really delicious coffee at the coffee shop Vita Brevis, awesome view, cute little streets. ¡Me gustó mucho allí!

País Vasco: Bilbao & Donostia-San Sebastián

Another very spontanous trip was my stay in País Vasco or Basque country. Bilbao has ranked besides Madrid and Andalusia very high on my travel bucket list for Spain but in December I figured I wouldn't have the time to make it to the north. Well, mid January some plans changed and since the prices for the flights were quite cheap I decided to take my last weekend to visit País Vasco. And I am very glad I did.

Bilbao is very different from all the Spanish cities I visited (and there were surely a lot). Actually it reminded me a bit of Manchester (UK) with a special touch. Honestly I got bored on my second day there and hang out at a café waiting for my flight back home. It's cool and the Guggenheim Museum is very worth it, but for a big town-girl like me it was very ... small.

Donostia-San Sebastián on the other hand surprised me so much. Located only 90 min by bus from Bilbao I took the whole Sunday to walk around, explore the city and enjoy the weather. I was really lucky, it only rained in the morning on my first day in Bilbao but beside that it was sunny and clear throughout the whole trip. The most amazing thing which blew my mind was the coast. It was very rough and wild, a lot of people surfed at Playa de la Zurriola or took a walk at the beach. La Playa de la Concha on the other hand was small bay which reminded me a lot of Discovery Bay in Hong Kong. If you have the chance definitely visit Donostia-San Sebastián!


Home Sweet Home, I guess.

What I've eaten:

A very good homemade lasagna, some crazy cocktails, a lot of coffee & cake, chicken soup & bleh food during illness, some weird food combinations during the last few days in Barcelona. And Korean food! I had Korean food in Barcelona. In detail we had Haemul pajeon (seafood pancake with leech), Dolsot Bibimbap (traditional Bibimbap in a hot stone bowl) and Ojingo Bokkum (spicy calamari). Holy moly, I ate two plates of Kimchi by myself. It was so awesome. And afterwards I was in a food coma. Food + sleep = big love

Thoughts & Feelings:

I spent New Year's Eve with my sister at the boyfriend's of my flatmate and we had quite a fun night with a lots of food and Spanish (grape eating) and Italian (lentils eating) traditions (so much eating..). Even though there were some downsides (flirtatious attemps by a guy which he totally screwed by making some racist comments and jokes and a fight between my sister and me) I was very happy to celebrate the new year with my favourite person in Barcelona.

The next few days YB and me enjoyed the awesome weather (it was up to 23°C!), I got inked for the third time, had some awesome food and crazy (note to myself: don't mix fatty food with mojitos -_-) and awesome drinks (go to Paradiso in Barcelona and try Miel y Cobre, it is so amazing!), wrote my exams and tried a few new cafés, museums and restaurants. Oh and I fell sick (again) in the beginning of the month because I got infected with influenza by my Spanish tandem. Awesome, not.

January was my last month being abroad in Spain/Catalonia. On 31st January I somehow managed to lift my baggage to the airport, smuggled an extra bag on board and landed at 7 PM in cold and cloudy Berlin. When I finally entered my flat I had mixed feelings: On one hand I was so scared of coming back but on the other I was mentally very calm and felt like I arrived home. Barcelona really felt like (a third) home to me and those past five months were very healing for my head and heart. I travelled to so many beautiful places and saw so many great things, had unbelievable good food, coffee and wine, had unforgettable evenings, trips and night-outs, met so many interesting and lovely people and took a lot of time to recover and find myself again. It sounds cheesy, I know.

For most people  the Erasmus semester is more or less an excuse to party and drink like a maniac and there's nothing wrong about that. I did the same. But for me it was maybe more like a therapy for my mental health, a chance to learn Spanish and to travel. I somehow miss it (especially the weather) but now I am feeling so refreshed and clear-minded to handle the next big things which lay ahead.

So thank you Barcelona, thank you for everything.

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