Monthly Recap: February 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Listened to:

Arctic Monkeys

Maybe because I will (hopefully) attend Primavera Sound Festival this year, I rediscovered my love for the bands I listened to during my teenage-hood. I wasn't a huge fan of the Arctic Monkeys but I cannot wait to see them live!

Britney Spears

Same here, well, kind of. After Britney announced, she will be touring through Europe this year, I had a Britney-revival and listened to her Great Hits. Unfortunately the concert tickets were way too expensive for me but a Spotify playlist is sufficient enough.


I continued reading some books but unfortunately I didn't finish one.


  • Supernatural Season 11
    • I finally have Amazon Prime again! So I binge-watched season 11 of Supernatural in about 2-3 days.
  • How To Be Single
    • Surprisingly quite funny and enjoyable!
  • Two Night Stand
    • Same here. Just loved the chemistry of the two protagonists.
  • Vampire Academy
    • OMG, I don't even know where to start. It was plotted so badly and predictable.

Travelled to:


Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp)

At the end of the month I went for a trip to Belgium with Anja. Actually it was our first trip together and we both haven't ever been to that country, so we were very excited. Different people raved about Belgium so much the past months and now I fully understand why. All the cities we went to were very pretty and so romantic, especially Ghent. I really loved every place we went to (except for the construction sites every where in Antwerp) and would recommend it to everybody 100%! If you are looking for some nice city-hopping, go to Belgium! It's not too overcrowded, the people are incredibly nice (seriously, how were they so friendly?!), the food is awesome, the architecture just amazing. Just don't go when it's cold. We froze our asses off at -10°C. 

What I've eaten:


After I came back to Berlin I basically inhaled all the Korean food I could find. So I had a lot of kimchi, bibimbap, mandu, ddeok-guk, kimbab, fish, meat, veggies ... I just missed it so much.

Interestingly I only had about two bottles of Club Mate. In Barcelona I craved it like hell but even though being back home in Germany I didn't get any. Well, wait until March ...

With Anja I had falafels and Japanese food before our Belgium trip and in Belgium we had so many waffles, hot chocolate, various teas, chocolate covered strawberries, too many fries and mussels. So yummy!

Thoughts & Feelings:


On 31st January I arrived in Berlin.
The following days I unpacked my luggage, tidied and cleaned my room and took time to arrive. I waited to fall back into my old pattern, I waited for the anxiety to take over. But nothing. Just calm. It took almost two weeks for the sadness to arrive but I mostly blame the cold, hormones and gloomy weather for it. Also it wasn't too bad and except for some days I was pretty much fine.  I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be, but ok. Simply the freezing weather killed me! Nobody wanted minus degrees, nobody! WTF?!

I started to go to the gym again. Training for the first time after five months was hard, really hard. I instantly noticed that I lost a bunch of muscles and strength. The soreness the day after was killing me but was also very refreshing. Actually I am convinced that I didn't fall ill because I went to the gym and to the sauna afterwards. After País Vasco at the end of January and my relocation back to Berlin I really would have thought to get the flu again. But no, I stayed all healthy.

After 5 1/2 years I finally decided it was time for a new MacBook. Sure, I could have exchanged the hard disk for a SSD to make it faster. But besides the slowness and technical issues, the main reason was the weight and size of my old computer. With over 2 kg it killed my back and it was simply way too bulky.

But the best thing coming back was to be reunited with my sister and friends. I had the chance to meet the Banana girls for drinks after work at Mein Haus am See (so hipster, I know. And I cried at the wine prices.), met Steffi, Trung, Aleks and Paulina at a shisha café (they smoked, I didn't. Still an absolute non-smoker and I always will be.), had an alone-session with Steffi at Charlotte, met Anja several times (for food, lol) ... It was nice. I even went to a home party (Welcome Back-party at Teresa's house) and went clubbing, but that wasn't too noteworthy. Key point is, that I didn't realise until then how much I missed them. 

I am super happy to be back and finally get productive again but also missing and craving Barcelona like crazy. But that has to wait until May/June ...

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