Monthly Recap: July 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Listened to:

"Good girls go to heaven,
And bad girls go everywhere
And tonight I will love you
And tomorrow you won't care

You're in love with something bigger than love
You believe in something stronger than trust"

The Weeknd – Wanderlust

"Suddenly we turned twenty-three
Now we got pressure for taking our life more seriously
We got our dead-end jobs and got bills to pay
Half our friends are now our enemies
Now I'm thinking back to when I was young
Back to the day when I was falling in love

He used to meet me on the Eastside
In the city where the sun don't set"

Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid – Eastside

"You been confusing since the day I met you
Another night chasing, this feels like home
Since I've been miles away, no change
Outsider inside looking dazed
Just wash the glitter off your face and go home
Winter sun throwing shadows long and low
How strange to think that we were strangers once
At square one
I guess it's on me, I want more than I've got
But I can't ask you for the things you don't feel

'Cause I don't want no fake love, fake love, fake love
I don't wanna know no fake friends, forced smiles, or favors
And I don't wanna know no fake love, fake love, fake love
Just say what you wanna say

And I'll still be there
It's easy when you've nothing to lose
And I'll still be here
'Cause I've got nowhere else"

EDEN – Nowhere Else

"You are insane
My desire
A violent daydream
Love, love
You are crazy
A perfect liar
Said you'd save me
Love, love

I know the moment I looked into your eyes
I'd have to swallow all your lies

I never said that I would be your lover
I never said that I would be your friend
I never said that I would take no other
Be your lover
Never said"

Thirteen Seconds To Mars feat. Halsey – Love Is Madness

"I let him climb inside my body
And held him captive in my kiss

And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting

I'm a wanderess
I'm a one night stand
Don't belong to no city
Don't belong to no man
I'm the violence in the pouring rain
I'm a hurricane"

Halsey – Hurricane

My five most played songs sum up my life pretty well.


Holger Jung & Jean Remy von Matt - Momentum

If you are working in the ad and media industry or are just interested in how Jung von Matt grew as a company, "Momentum" is a nice read.


  • Jurassic World 2
  • Tarzan
  • Suicide Squad
  • Ibiza
    • Don't watch it. DON'T. It's so cliché, so discriminating in all ways possible, sexist, just stupid.

Travelled to/Attended:

Bergmannstraßenfest @ Kreuzberg

On 1st July Mini, Mirja, Marc and me went to the Bergmann Street Festival in Kreuzberg. It was rather small and at every food stall I wanted to eat something, they were out of my favoured dish. T_T In the end I had some Palak Paneer, but I wanted Köfte. T_T

Later we went to Barcomi's, had some coffee, muesli, ice tea, tea and an unbelievable cheese cake with brownies. Scroll down for the photo!

Hashmag Blogger Lounge @ Berliner Freiheit

It was fashion week in Berlin. I only attented one event on Thursday after work. At the Hashmag Blogger Lounge I had a good buddha bowl for lunch, had a skin analysis (I have very good, youthful skin! :D), won some fun stuff at a wheel of fortune.. It was fun!

Universität der Künste Rundgang Sommerfest (University of the Arts Summer Party)

The summer party ("Rundgang Party") at UdK is usually one of the most anticipated parties of summer in Berlin. Normally hundreds (maybe even over a thousand) people attend and the queue to the entrance is always insane. From this year on the university decided to throw exclusive parties, at which only UdK students, professors and employees only can enter. Since I am still a student I was lucky that I got three tickets.

The party itself was nice as always. Not too crowded because of the strict door policy, but still full. The art installation was cool as always, there was live music, food, drinks and I met a lot of my friends. It was lovely!

Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) Semester Closing Party

I am not sure which one exactly. Definitely not the official one by TU x UdK, but it was that one at the "Erweiterungsbau" (EW Gebäude/Building). Maybe that was the party of the architects? No idea. Trung took me there and it was fun until they switched the music. At some point we just left, too tired, too bored.


Actually I planned to stay in Berlin for the whole month. But since apartment hunting in all larger cities is madness, I spontaneously booked a bus to Hamburg in order to see some flats. Fortunately Hamburg is not far from Berlin and so I spent a half exhausting, half fun day there. The weather was hot and lovely (I love the heat at the moment!) and all apartments were nice. So let's see if I was successful.

After Work Race @ Trabrennbahn Hoppegarten

Last Wednesday everyone was super hyped at the office but I had no clue about what. At 16:00 everyone turned their computer off and we took the train in direction to Strausberg to a secret location. Well, "secret", I already guessed our destination, because there is nothing in the east in area C except for Hoppegarten. So we went to an After Work Horse Race, enjoyed some picnic and celebrated farewell to three colleagues who are expecting soon.

O Mato Festival @ Insel Lindwerder

On the last Saturday I went with Lily, Jun and Kari to Lindwerder, a small island near Wannsee. I took my bike and drove from S Pichelsberg to the spot where the ferry took off. 30-40 min of a hilly road at 32°C weren't such a good idea. Even though we had such a huge picnic (we packed our own food and of course Lily baked some muffins) I guess I burnt more calories than I took in.

The festival itself was nice, good music, relaxing vibes, good food. I just wished it would have been more artsy (Where was the cinema? And where were the cool art installations and decoration?), but I had a very good time there with my friends.

Since Lindwerder is located in the forest of Grunewald, there are no lights, the bus stops running after 20 PM, no cabs in sight. Fortunately we planned everything through, so we all (except for Kari who sat on the carrier) drove to S Nikolassee. Damn, it was so dark and slippery due to the rain that we nearly killed ourselves on our way back to the S-Bahn-station. What an adventure!

What I've eaten:

A lot of pajeon and yachaejeon in the beginning of the month, some salad-rice-something at the MTV workshop,  an awesome poké bowl at L.A. Poké in Mitte, gelato, potato-leek-gratin and pasta during lunch break at work, picnic @ O Mato Festival, köfte and grilled veggies at the BBQ with Aylin and Anja ... And of course lots and lots of watermelon and ice cream!

Thoughts & Feelings:

I'm saying it every month, but July has passed like nothing.

I enjoyed July very much. I partied every weekend, was constantly outside, the weather was great, was consistent with my work outs (Do you see those ABS? DO YOU?! Gonna be so beach body ready this year!), tried new stuff, had good food and spent quality time with my loved ones. I simply enjoyed it, did not overthink random stuff too much, but just "went with the flow", was more spontaneous, made peace with the past.

Nathalie and her friend Clara visited Berlin and we spent an evening at Tante Emma in Kreuzberg together. Gonna see her next year in Amsterdam more frequently, because – surprise and coincidence! – we will study together.

It's gonna be my last summer in Berlin (at least for the next two years) so I just wanna participate in everything possible. And saying "Yes" to anything works perfectly, so far (of course not to stupid and dangerous things, I am not mad). It was not my intention, but July is the first month since June 2017 I haven't been travelling (that one day trip to Hamburg does not really count). Since then, I have been constantly on the road: I've been to eight countries and saw +26 places/cities (over half of them were in Spain, of course). Yes, it's insane. So it was kind of strange, but also very relaxing at the same time to just chill for a month.

Nevertheless, of course I already planned a few trips for August and September. End of August I will go to Lisbon with Anja and mid September I will finally be in Seoul again! And also to somewhere else, but I will reveal that later ...

Have an awesome last month of summer, guys!

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