Monthly Recap: June 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Listened to:


Started Dan Ariely's "Predictably Irrational" (I am reading so many books paralelly now..) but I haven't finished anything unfortunately. :(


  • FIFA World Cup 2018: South Korea vs Germany 
    • AHAHAHAHAHA I laughed my ass off. The match was so funny and embarassing, ahahahaha. And yeah, I rooted for Korea but never would have thought that they would win! By the way that was the only game I watched this world cup. Just not into football mood.
  • La Casa de Papel
    • Para practicar mi espanol.
  • Netflix's Set it up!
    • Zoey Deutch is my spirit animal! Pizza love forever!
  • Water for Elephants
  • Jurassic World 2

Travelled to/Attended:


On Friday (1st June) I just strolled around Born, Gòtico and Raval before going to the festival venue again. Saturday we went to Playa de la Barceloneta and spent a day at the beach. On Sunday I was so hungover from the night before (ok from all the previous nights) that I could not do anything and just stayed in bed and ate a bit.

After Primavera Sound Festival I spent some more days in Barcelona. On Monday I finally tracked down the hotel from where you have an awesome view of the Sagrada Familia. I strolled around Gràcia, enjoyed some café con leche de avena and una tarta de manzanas, went to the La Xampanyería (Can Paixano) for the first time (yeah, when I lived in Barcelona it was always too full everytime I wanted to go there), ...

On my last day actually something stupid happened. Back in October 2017 my wallet got stolen near Placa de Angeles. And well, this time I lost my card holder, I guess somewhere near Barceloneta. Fortunately I lost only a bit of cash, my UAB Barcelona student ID and the Bicing card. And my freaking pretty, handmade and expensive card holder. T_T I need a new one, I guess. -_-

The second day (Friday) we started the evening with Peggy Gou at Desperados Club (Giraffes forever!), stayed there for Dekmantel, saw a bit of The Nationals and jumped from place to place after. Honestly speaking, I was already a bit tipsy, because I chugged two beers (I have zero alcohol tolerance), so everything was fun to me. :D Around 00:30 we headed to the Ray Ban stage in order to see Cigarettes After Sex, stayed there for half an hour and then went to see HAIM. Those three girls were awesome!

Well, after that I actually didn't feel too good and had to rest for a while, after we jumped from venue A to B to C. But around 04:30 I was ready again and we went to the Ray Ban stage for the closing set of The Black Madonna. Wow, she killed it! One of my favourites from the whole festival. After that we went home, but I remember that morning very vividly, 'cause I was so awake and just could not stop talking! WTF. Very funny.

On Saturday most of the headliners had their performances, so Parc del Fòrum was extra packed with people. We started the last day with Majid Jordan, even though I've seen them some months ago already. After that we went to the main stages to see Lorde.

I saw her last October at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and that show was already incredible (I actually cried during Liability back then and funnily was one of the few people who freaked out when she covered Somebody Else by The 1975). But this time, it was way more intense, way more emotional, way more special. Every time I listen to Lorde, I have to think of that specific moment at Primavera now.

Before Lorde ended, we headed back to Desperados (I guess) before going to the Mango stage to see the Arctic Monkeys. I've never been a huge fan of them, but seeing them live on stage and listening to them brought back a lot of teenage memories. It was super fun and even though they played about 90 min, I had the feeling that the concert was over super fast. After the Monkeys we saw Jon Hopkins, John Talabot and some more I cannot really remember. It was a crazy night. Deep conversations, questions and confessions, chilling under a palm way after midnight ... Around 05:00 AM I somehow passed out, but fortunately I was taken care of and we took a cab (even though we had to wait a f*cking hour for it -_- but I was sleeping anyway, haha) home.

That weekend at Primavera Sound was for sure one of the best weekends I've ever had. It was packed with joy, true emotions, good music and food, laughter, fun. But honestly speaking it was due to the company that I enjoyed it so much. So thank you to all of you, who made those days possible. Grazie mille, Děkuji, Muchas Gracias, Danke danke danke! 


On the 7th June (Thursday) I went to Hamburg right after work in Berlin. I spent there nearly two days, Saturday night I was already back in Berlin, since I had to work on Monday again. It was my third or fourth time in HH and this time it was for a work appointment. If you're curious what it was about, scroll down ...

But it was a nice occasion to visit my friend Sarah, whom I know since primary school. On Friday night we spent time at Schanze and on Saturday we had a BBQ with friends at the university campus of her boyfriend Tobi.

And it was hot, so unbelievably hot and sunny! Since I just came back from Barcelona I didn't have any clean summer clothes and just packed two shirts and two long trousers. Wow, what a stupid decision. I had to handwash my t-shirt at Sarah's, 'cause otherwise I would not had anything to wear. But better than Hamburg's typical rainy weather, I guess.

Panel: Transparency: What is opinion, what is advertisement? @ Blogfabrik (Content Creation Week 2018)

I went with Lily and Mini to a panel about the current discussion about transparency in advertisement on social media (especially Instagram) in Germany. Long story short: If you have a business profile, you have to mark everything with "Advertisement" when you tag a brand or even a person, if you mention anything or show any logos etc. Even if you are not paid for it. Yeah, it's shit. Love the German law and bureaucracy so much.

What I've eaten:

Started the month with some homemade pasta, a kronut from Chök, ate my way through the food stalls at Primavera Sound (bao burger, Japanese salmon burrito, yakisoba, a salmon sandwich?), some salad at Surf House Barcelona, several cafes con leche de avena, una tarta de manzana, some homemade risotto with veggies on my hungover sunday, cava con bocadillos (which I instantly regretted because they were so fatty) at La Xampanyería, some Egg Benedict with a bagel at Alsur Café, BBQ in Hamburg, a freaking awesome Turkish BBQ at Fes in Neukölln, much more Turkish food at Aylin's henna night and wedding day, awesome zucchini noodles with veggie bolognese and meat balls.

Oh and I made bibimbab by myself for the first time and it turned out quite okay.

Thoughts & Feelings:

It was so nice to be back in Barcelona. I've been to the beach two times, checked out several spots I've missed during my stay abroad and Primavera Sound was insane of course. I really underestimated how much I've missed it. Until the beginning of 2017 I've always thought I would always stay in Berlin. Maybe not forever-ever but definitely in the long run. But after that year turned out so horrible (for some time at least), Berlin somehow lost its spark for me. Sure, it always will be home for me, I was born and grew up here. My friends and part of my family live here. But I can feel that my soul is craving for more, for adventures and unknown places.

Barcelona somehow caught me after I fell into that black hole in 2017. It sounds so cheesy but my stay there let me grow so much as a person and gave me time to heal all those wounds which needed to be fixed. I made so many good memories in Spain and Catalonia and instantly felt so comfortable when I arrived there end of May. Barcelona is for sure one of the cities I can imagine moving back. I don't wanna plan too much ahead (and I can't) but it's definitely an option. Maybe someday, who knows.

One very funny anecdote I want to share.

On my second last day I had lunch at Café Alsur in Born, ordered some cafe con leche de avena and egg benedict with a bagel. While eating the waiter came and asked if everything was fine. I nodded (cause my mouth was stuffed with food, elegant as always), then he asked, if the coffee was good. Because the barista was asking. Me, a bit confused: "Erm.. sí, todo bien." Then I saw a person waving from inside the café (I was sitting outside). I laughed a bit but didn't think too much of it.

After I finished my food, I took some time to sip my coffee and write my in diary, when suddenly someone came to my table. At first I thought the waiter wanted to take my plate away but instead, the barista came with a new coffee and served it to me. I was perplex and before I could say that I didn't order more, he said: "It's a gift."

Well, there I was, sitting like a perplex idiot, staring at the cup of coffee I didn't order. On the sugar package the barista wrote: "Where R U from?" with his phone number and initial. I really, really, really had to hold myself together not to burst into laughter. I always thought that would only happen in the movies?!

After I paid, I went to the bathroom and passed the barista, who was taking his lunch break I guess. On my way out I thanked him for the extra coffee and we began to talk a bit. Even though I started and continued in Spanish, he always tried to return to English. ¿Mi español era tan malo, tío? T_T Anyway, he wanted to grab some beers with me in the evening, but since it was my last night in Barcelona and I already had other plans anyway, ¡hasta luego! Funny story to tell, though.

June has been a very emotional month for me. I finished university (undergraduate-wise at least), panicked over my future and master applications, had way too many thoughts to overthink ... I was emotionally way too  involved into a matter and could not think straight for a while. It was a lot. So I took some time off, set my priorities straight, cleared my mind and focused on what was really important to me at that moment.

Right after that, so many wonderful things happened to me literally at the same time, that it was too overwhelming for me and I had a hard time processing everything. I kind of refuse everything good happening to me, because mostly something bad follows after. I know, I know, that's a sh*t way of thinking and doesn't always go like that, but I felt really run over with all those good news (see below) and good things happening.

The past few weeks have been a blessing and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am so thankful. I reached everything I worked and wished for. Well, maybe not everything, but that one matter wasn't on my plan in the beginning anyway. And it's for sure no priority. I just have a hard time opening up to people, but in the end it was the best decision to be honest regarding my thoughts and feelings. And it's so much better now.

One short thing which is worthy to note: Trung and I finally managed to have a night out together! We've been planning to go out since last year but never had the chance to. Or put it in another way: Before I moved to Barcelona we actually had managed to go to a bar together, but we never had reached the club because it was already "time to go home" for him ... -_- So yeah, we went to Ritter Butzke and it was fun! And by the way: Seven years of friendship now! And counting!

Lovely Aylin celebrated her wedding mid June! The Sunday before we surprised her with a chill Bachelorette party. We went to the hamam, relaxed at the sauna, I got a body scrub and my first professional massage ever! Wow, so relaxing. And since it was the day after clubbing it was perfect! In the evening we went to Fes Turkish BBQ and omg it was so good!

The following Thursday it was traditional henna night, which was very interesting (since it was the first I have ever attended). The actual wedding on Saturday was huge. Aylin told us that 800 people were invited, but I guess only about half attended. And Turkish weddings are sooo different from German and Korean ones! It was very fun to watch, to eat and dance. 

The only bad thing was that the venue was literally on the other side of town for me. So imagine two girls walking home in sandals and flowy dresses at only 10°C at night through a dark industrial area ... Yes, wonderful.

I am quite proud of myself because I have been very consistent of my workout. And it finally shows again! My arm and shoulders are more defined, my butt is lifting and my ABS are finally popping again. So, summer body ready but where is the beach? I really want to go for summer vacation for at least some days, but I don't know ...

Okay, finally some revelation: I am moving to Hamburg.

The reason, why I went to Hamburg in the beginning of the month, was an assessment centre I attended during an application process for a job/traineeship. Usually I don't perform that well at such things, because I get way too nervous and behave funnily. But on that day, I really did not care at all if I get in or not, because I already had a safe plan B.

So, I literally leaned back, did the group task we had to do, went into the interview, did the presentation and was done. They said they will send us an email in about two weeks, so I went back to my friend's house and the next day to Berlin. Two days later I received a call that I got the job. BOOM! But they wanted me for the office in Hamburg, not in Berlin. So after some evaluation and thinking I decided to move there this autumn, because it is a great opportunity for me. So everyone: I AM LOOKING FOR A ROOM FROM OCTOBER ON! Please shoot me a message, email, etc., if you know anyone or anything!

But don't close this page yet. I have another revelation I didn't announce anywhere yet ... so, here it goes:


Yes, indeed! On 1st June I received a call from an university that I was selected to be part of their graduate programme, which was one of my first choices of all my master applications. I was in Barcelona at that time and I freaked out like crazy (there is a witness, hahaha, ask him) and since it was the second night of Primavera I really could celebrate.

Since I also wanna do the traineeship, I deferred my acceptance of Graduate School. Therefore I will move next August/September to the Netherlands. And somehow I have to manage to finish my traineeship and I will have to commute between Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam, but I will figure that out by then. Speaking of longing for new adventures and places ... there I have it!

Yes, great news, huh? I am so f*cking grateful for everything and still haven't realised everything fully. 2018 is really a blessing, I haven't felt that lucky ... ever? If you knew how worried I was to end up with nothing by autumn and if you saw how everything turned out, it is very ironic. If I would have been refused everywhere, I would have looked for a job or continued freelancing of course. That would not have been a problem. But to me, education and career rank very, very high on the scale of importance, so I am more than relieved and so thankful that everything worked out as I wanted to.

Yup, that's all for now. May and June have been so crazy and awesome at the same time. There will be some more announcements (as I said: 2018 is freaking crazy!!), but that will follow in the next posts or on Instagram. ;) Until then, have an awesome summer, guys!

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