Monthly Recap: May 2018

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


Listened to:


Giulia Enders - Darm mit Charme

Very funny and refreshing and smartly written. I already knew a lot of stuff regarding to the topic but it was nice to get even further knowledge about the body.


  • Room
  • Deadpool 2

I am that kind of person who binge watches series until the end. Since I really had no leisure time, I forbid me anything to watch.

Travelled to/Attended:



Oh bonita, te he echado de menos mucho! After five long months I finally went back to my happy town by the sea. I took one whole week to relax, celebrate and release all the stress I was going through for the past few months.

Even though the arrival day was packed and stressful (went to the bank and gym in the morning, tidied and cleaned my room, packed, rushed to the airport, only to have a hour of delay without any food, arrived around 1 AM at Barcelona El Prat, waited over 30 min for my luggage, had to take a freaking expensive cab because no bus came and finally arrived around 2:30 AM in Barcelona), I was instantly in a better mood when I saw the city lights outside the plane window. It's crazy which effect this city has on me.

The next day (31st May) I went to Sant Joan d'Espi in order to finally track down Edificio Walden 7 by Ricardo Bofill. I guess Sant Just Desvern (the town where the building is located) counts as a rich suburb of Barcelona. Everything was so clean and nice and pretty!

At first I only took photos from the outside but at some time I sneaked into the building and could take a look at the architecture. It was really fascinating and the even more astonishing thing is, that it is a real building where people live in.

EDEN Concert @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

How long have I been waiting for for this? I discovered EDEN about a year ago (?) via the Spotify algorithm and I immediately fell in love with him. His style is very unique, very experimental: Jonathon Ng combines melodic lyrics, synth pop, tech and electronic elements, rap to a very special mix. And those lyrics, OMFG. And you know what? He is born '95, only 22 years old!

Anyway, he released his debut album vertigo this January and announced a world tour. So I got my concert ticket moooonths before and counted every single day. Pre-band was Crooked Colors and we didn't have to wait long for EDEN then. He mostly played songs from his new album but also unreleased titles such as fake love (which I am expecting sooo impatiently!). I have to admit that the concert was alright, it was very "EDENish", i.e. dark, not too much interaction with the audience, cool. Unfortunately he didn't play several songs such as sex, drugs and XO. But in the end I am so happy that I finally saw him live and the atmosphere and vibe were amazing.

Irving Penn's "Centennial" @ C/O Berlin

I really liked the exhibition, which was a curation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Irving Penn Foundation. Apart from the portraits of famous people such as Marlene Dietrich and Pablo Picasso I especially liked his fashion shots.

Día 1 de Primavera Sound 2018 (Jueves, 31 de Mayo)

OMFG! Please excuse my language, but what the fucking hell? I cannot describe those three days at Parc del Fòrum. Primavera Sound Festival was crazy, it was insane, it was magical. I seriously have the feeling that everything has been a dream.

So, día uno. We arrived around 21 PM at the venue, had some food at the stalls (which was pretty good!) and went to see Björk. Let's just say that she has a very LSD-like show performance. After we probably spent about 40 min there, we headed to the Desperados Club, which was our favourite venue in the end. C. Tangana was fun (some reggaeton never hurt nobody), Mall Grab was super nice and around 01:15 we went back to the main stages in order to see CHVRCHES, my most awaited act of the whole festival. I've seen them live in 2014 at the Hurricane Festival but didn't know them back then. This year they released their third studio album Love is Dead and I was suuuuper excited. I danced, jumped and screamed like a maniac (no shame at all) and was sad and hyped at the same time, when they played their last track.

After CHVRCHES we actually went home. It was definitely an awesome start and the next few days just can get better!

What I've eaten:

I had a lot of food at the library (because library life was basically all I knew in May), had a BBQ at my new work place (so good!), went to L'Osteria with Steffi and had a huge pizza and rewarded myself with sushi (Suno Sushi) and Mexican food (Santa Maria) after I printed and handed in my thesis. Furthermore, I went to Knödelwirtschaft with a friend visiting me (knödel with beets!), Mutti Kreuzberg, brunched at Tempobox and Klunkerkranich, had some kebab at Kotti and finally had some homemade pasta for everyone on the last day. In Barcelona I finally went to Flax & Kale, had una sopa de kale and some chocolaty coffee smoothie, because #treatyourself and #vacationmood. Cannot complain.

Thoughts & Feelings:

Insanity. This month has been just insane.

Kicking the month off with 1st May, which is always escalating in Berlin. On the 2nd I had my first day at my new job (with a huge allergy attack from dancing in the park the night before). An university party where I have been all over the place again (so sorry to my friends, it was the wine ...), working shifts, cinema date with my dear date Giraffe and apart from that 24/7 staying at the library.

Literally. I spent 3/4 of my weekends at the library because the deadline was coming closer and closer. And with two jobs it was quite a struggle. Yeah, I missed all the awesome weekends with 30°C and sun (which are so rare in Berlin!) and worked at the library instead. But since I had good company (poor Giraffe) it was bearable.

Additionally a lot of master applications called for their deadlines. Back in March I applied for several programmes in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, this time all Berlin universities, Leipzig, Potsdam, Barcelona, also Amsterdam, etc. called for their last calls. Since they all want a sh*t load of paperwork, I drowned in work and to do lists. I annoyed my examination office, paid about 200€ of application and notarisation fees, ran from A to B and C and D. I was really worried I would end up with nothing in the end and panicked. For real. So I just applied everywhere. Sperm strategy, Liebl would say. Yup, that's me. Not only having a plan B but also a C and D and E and F ... and Z. Just in case, you know. And with a lot of stressing and panicking of course.

On Sunday, 27th May I finally printed my four versions of my undergraduate thesis. I admit it: There are some mistakes and some paragraphs I wanted to turn out differently, but in the end I was so tired and fed up with this sh*t, I just didn't care anymore. Additionally, the people at the copy shop fucked my coloured prints up, so ... whatever. On Monday, 28th May I handed them in and said bye bye to uni. I will neither have a defense nor a graduation party, so that was more or less my last duty in order to fulfill my bachelor's degree. And I guess I will pass.

So, bye bye University of the Arts, thank you for the last 3-4 years! They have been really special, I met unbelievable people who are so precious to me now, I learnt quite a lot and lastly and most importantly, I grew so much as a person over the past years. Of course it wasn't all due to the UdK's influence and education, but I guess it played its role in there.

As mentioned, a friend came to Berlin on the second weekend of May. We spent some nice days together, I showed him around my hometown (#berlinhood!), we went to Tresor and Sisyphos (sooo fun nights, ahahaha), had lots of good food, went to a photo exposition, enjoyed the nice weather at Bikini Berlin and at Park Gleisdreieck, Mauerpark and Hackescher Markt, met his friends and spent fun nights together, showed him my university ... It was the only weekend I didn't spend at the library, haha.

At the end of May I celebrated Mini's and my thesis hand-in with the girls in Kreuzberg and finally went to Barcelona to party at Primavera Sound Festival. May was definitely one of the most intense months I've ever experienced, career-, academic- and private-life-wise. It was a lot. But I am so, so, so thankful for every moment, even for all the stress. Because every hard part let your resilience grow. And in comparison to last year my resilience has grown like crazy. I am very looking forward to the next months because they will be even more exciting and important for my career life. And finally I am able to enjoy summer

So 2018, bring it on! I am ready for you!

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