Travel: Macau – China Photo Diary Day 2

Friday, July 27, 2018

My motto is: "Better late than never". It's been over a year that I travelled through Hong Kong and Macau but it would be too sad to leave all my photos only on my hard drive. After scrolling through them I really wanted to finally write a blog post, so here we are. 

Honestly speaking I get quite emotional looking though them. It was such a strange transitional phase for me and looking back on all the pictures brings back a lot of memories and feelings. But nevertheless I was fascinated by Macau. The contrary architecture (traditional Portuguese and Chinese influenced buildings vs the extreme and gigantic casino hotels on the other side) was totally mind blowing. The food was awesome, the weather hot and humid (better than cold), the people very friendly. Strongly recommend going! (FYI: You can pay with Hong Kong dollars in Macau.)

Vila da Taipa (Taipa Village)

I took a ferry in the morning from Hong Kong Kowloon to Macau Taipa (takes about a hour and costs less than 10/20€). Don't forget to bring your passport, you are entering a new special administrative region! From the ferry terminal I took the free hotel shuttle bus to the Galaxy Hotel, which is right next to the Taipa Village. From there you can easily explore the small houses and shops, it's lovely there!

I had lunch at a Korean restaurant called Cafe Nova Kokoro (wasn't my plan, just was the next nearest place and I was starving), tried the famous pastel de nata at Lord Stow's Bakery (the oldest and most famous bakery for egg tarts in Macau!), saw the colourful turquoise Taipa houses and wandered around the garden.


From the City of Dreams Casino Hotel I took the normal bus (sorry, I don't remember which one anymore) and drove to Coloane, a small village in the south. Main attraction is thCapela de São Francisco Xavier (Chapel of St. Francis Xavier). Apart from that there are two temples, the sea and very pretty apartment buildings. I sat down to have some marinated shrimps, rested a bit and then drove back.

Casino Hotels (Studio City, Galaxy, The Venetian)

Back in the city I visited several hotels and casinos. Damn, those complexes are so huge! I was really shocked when I got off the ferry and saw them from the shuttle bus. On the inside it seems like a whole new universe. Each hotel has his own style, but the most infamous one is definitely The Venetian. On the top floor they built a canal system with real gondolas, a shopping mall, restaurants and bars. It's insane. I recognised quite many things from scenes from the K-Drama Boys Over Flowers (sorry, ahaha)

But the heart is definitely the casino. You cannot imagine how many people are standing and sitting there, trying their luck at one of those tables. It was kind of fascinating and scary at the same time. I am really not into gambling, so I just passed it to save some meters (it takes so much more time if you go around the casino). So, I didn't return as a millionaire from Macau, unfortunately.

After The Venetian I was super dead and took a hotel shuttle to Hotel Lisboa in the northern part of Macau (I stayed at a smaller hotel though). By crossing the bridge I could see the Torre de Macau, apparently one of the most famous sights there. But since I have been wandering around all day I just wanted to check into my hotel, take a shower and sleep. So, that was it for day 1 in Macau. Day 2 will follow soon!

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