Monthly Recap: August 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

Listened to:

Ich weiß noch als wir uns kennenlernten und ich sagte:
"Kann ich dich 'n Stück mitneh'm in deine Straße?"
Bei dir angekommen meintest du: nett von mir und du magst mich
Wollte dich küssen, du sagtest, es wäre besser wenn ich noch warte
Es vergingen fünfeinhalb lange Tage bis du meintest
Es wär okay wir Spazieren geh'n und Händchenhalten
Babygirl, ich will dich wirklich nicht in die Enge treiben,
doch ich hab diesen Ring für dich gekauft und du musst jetzt entscheiden
Es geht tagelang nur auf und ab in meinem Zimmer
Du hast nur gelacht und mich dabei angeseh'n wie 'n Spinner
Ich hab Pläne für uns gehabt, weißt du nur wir beide für immer
So wie in den ganzen Filmen, in denen wir beide zusammen drin war'n

Teesy – Stranger

So I heard you found somebody else
And at first I thought it was a lie

I don't want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You're intertwining your soul with somebody else

I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone
And then leaving with somebody else
No, I don't want your body
But I'm picturing your body with somebody else

I just don't believe that you have got it in you 'cause
We are just gonna keep 'doin' it' and everytime
I start to believe in anything you're saying
I'm reminded that I should be getting over it

Get someone you love?
Get someone you need?
Fuck that, get money
I can't give you my soul 'cause we're never alone

The 1975 – Somebody Else

Du bist die Art von Mensch zu der ich geh’n würd, hätt’ ich jemanden getötet
Die Art von Mensch, wenn mir der Arzt sagt: „Denken Sie an etwas Schönes“
Ich würd nie wagen, dich zu fragen, ob du würdest
Ich würd nie wagen, dich zu fragen, ob du würdest
Ich weiß, du würdest
Du würdest

Denn Baby, ich kenn’ tausend Leute
Ich hab hundert Freunde
Doch wir sind Familie
Wir sind Familie

Und Baby, du kennst tausend Leute
Du hast hundert Freunde
Doch wir sind Familie
Und jetzt geh da raus und mach Fehler

Olson - Familie

Nobody wants to be
Nobody wants to be the one to walk away
Nobody wants to see
Nobody wants to see the truth, then let it in, run away
Nobody wants to know
Nobody wants to know the ways they don't love you right
They don't love you right

So when you hold me tightly, all night
Ooh, baby, I feel like something's not right
When you hold me tightly like that
Ooh, baby, I know, mmm

I'm better alone than lonely (lonely, lonely)
I'm better alone than lonely here with you
So lonely here
I'm better alone than lonely (lonely, lonely)
I'm better alone than lonely here with you
So lonely here
I'm better alone than lonely

Nobody wants to bleed
Nobody wants to bleed, but everybody hurts
Nobody wants to blame
Nobody wants the shame of knowing they're the ones that made it worse
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do when makin' love don't make it right?
It don't make it right

Lykke Li – Better Alone


Paulo Coelho – Veronika decide morir

It was my first Spanish book I finished reading. I'll be honest, it took me an eternity, because I restarted about two times and read other books parallely to it. But in the end I managed to finish it. The story and approach was very thought provoking and I am still thinking about it from time to time. It is not my favourite, but I recommend everyone to read it. Just because of the content and approach.

Kevin Kwan – Crazy Rich Asians

I already teased in my Instagram stories, that I really hated the characters in the novel. Nicholas Young is dumb, naïve, short-sighted and pathetic. Rachel Chu too is naïve and just stupid. The other characters were so cliché (I guess that was the intention, but still too cringeworthy). The story itself was okay, absolutely nothing special. I already could predict 80% of the plot after reading the first 1/3. Furthermore I found the style of writing rather ... bad. I understand, that those small explanations are necessary and the satirical part of it, but for the sake of readability it was a poor choice.

It was a fun and quick read, but I don't have to read the two other sequels. I guess it's just not my genre.

By the way, you can read my article regarding media representation on Asians here on (it's in German, though, sorry).

Daniel Glattauer – Gut gegen Nordwind

I really don't remember the last time, I read a German novel. Anyway, Gut gegen Nordwind was praised as a literary highlight about a decade ago and it was forever on my reading bucket list. I finished it on an afternoon at the beach in Portugal, since I wanted to have something light to read for my vacation. Well ... I didn't like it from the beginning. Emmi Rothner was a total cliché of an annoying, love-drunk woman, while the male protagonist Leo Leike was likeable, behaved reasonable, was smart. Interesting, how stories from only 12 years ago still play with classical stereotypes. I bet, that 10 years ago I would have liked the book. But now ... Nope. 


  • Call Me by Your Name
    • Without any doubt, Call Me By Your Name was one of the best movies I have ever watched. It is a very calm movie but without getting boring. I was impressed, what chemistry Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer have. In the end I even cried. Such a wonderful movie.
  • Ant Man & Wasp
    • Wow, I was so disappointed. I was really, really bored and didn't enjoy the movie at all. What a pity.
  • La Casa de Papel
    • I finally finished watching Money Heist. Even though there are only two seasons with max. 13 episodes each, it took me a while. I just forbid myself to watch any series during the semester and during an important project, 'cause I am such a binge watcher. Furthermore I watched La Casa de Papel in Spanish with Spanish sub titles. I was surprised, how much I could understand (about 70-80%). Loved the actors, loved the story line, loved the production.
  • Ingobernable
    • Started watching Ingobernable, since I needed a new series in Spanish. It's fine. But if you have any other suggestions, please let me know! (Didn't like Las Chicas de Cable, though. Maybe I should rewatch Narcos.).
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
    • Serious movie with a refreshing dry humour, interesting characters, weird situations and dialogues. Sometimes it was too much, but I liked the development of the story.
  • Crazy Rich Asians
    • I never would have thought that I would ever say that, but: I liked the movie better than the book.
    • Of course it's nothing too thought-provoking and the content is very light, but if you don't have any expectations and just want to relax and be entertained, Crazy Rich Asians is the perfect movie for that. It was funny, the characters were so much more loveable than in the book, it was fun. It was really funny if you had read the book and movie afterwards. Because at some points, because they referenced to some actions in the book, but which didn't appear in the film.
    • I just have imagined everything more glamourous, more pompous. The last third of the movie felt very rushed. And my favourite character only appeared in the very end (Charlie Wu!). But damn, Harry Shum Jr. though!
    • A thought: In German the movie is called "Crazy Rich" and the poster looks different than the original version. In the original version, you can see traditional Chinese symbols etc., while the German version shows a firework. In Berlin the movie is shown in only 3 (!) theatres. The promotion for it is also non-existent, whereas in UK and US the media is freaking out about it. That is why we need movies like that! Just because the industry thinks, relabeling everything (removing "Asians" from the title and exchanging the traditional background) would attract a broader (aka whiter) audience, doesn't mean that they are right. 
    • So again: If you understand German, you can read my article about media representation here on MTV Germany. Go to the theatres, watch it, talk about it. Even though a sequel was already announced, the industry is still moving slow.
  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before
    • Simply loved it. That's how a movie with an American-Asian cast should be: Focusing on the plot, not on the heritage. The chemistry between Lana Condor and Noah Centineo was lovely, the dialogues very smart. Loved it.

Travelled to/Attended:

RCKT Summer Party ¡Hola Méjico!

Mirja works at RCKT at the moment and since I also wanted to see my old colleagues, Banana Corp. decided to visit them during their annual summer party. It was Mexico-themed (don't ask me why) and we had good food, drinks and music.

Call Me By Your Name Open Air @ Kulturfabrik Moabit

Lily and me went to an open air cinema at Kulturfabrik Moabit. The queue already was super crazy when I arrived, but since Lily was the very first in line, we were lucky to choose out seats. We took the love seats, made it more comfy with out blankets, which we had brought, and started to enjoy our evening. Well, you know Lily. She reached for her bag and got out two glasses and a bottle of vino blanco. I was so happy, until she reached for her bag again and presented me a pan full of delicious goodies. We had fruits, brownies, cheese crackers, tomatoes and olives. I was so flashed. Most. Romantic. Date. EVER. (For real, no one did such a romantic thing for me, ever. I did, for other persons, but someone for me? Never.)

As I already said, the movie itself was awesome. I think Call Me By Your Name is the perfect film for an open air venue, it just fits with the setting. 

YB's 22nd Birthday @ L'Osteria

You-Bin turned 22 and celebrated her birthday at L'Osteria with all her friends (and apparently with me). We had a huge pizza party and it was so nice to see her all with her friends and being happy. I actually behaved like a Korean Mum and took hundreds of photos of her. My parents would be so proud.

Perseids' Night @ House of Weekend

Rooftops are nice. Shooting stars are romantic. So why not combining both things and enjoying a Berlin summer night under the sky? Well, in the end it didn't go as expected. It started raining a bit, so we decided to grab some beer at a bar. Then we tried again, but since it was cloudy and we were super tired, we decided to return home after a hour. It was still nice to hang out with Anja and Mina.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri @ Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

I totally love open air cinemas and it was my first time at the one at Friedrichshain. The movie totally fit into the atmosphere. Looking forward to spend some more time there during the summer in two years!

Giraffe Anja's Farewell Party

My giraffe is leaving me. :( Anja threw a small house party at her apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, invited some friends, neighbours and colleagues, offered IKEA hot dogs, hummus with veggies and cookies for the hungry ones (aka me), a lot of beer and alcohol (she really insisted that everyone had a drink) and kept running around all evening. It was very chill and nice, I passed out due to the food coma and beer for a while on her bed and the last ones (including me) went home around 4 o'clock in the morning. Cannot believe she will be moving to Yokohama tomorrow.

Aleks' 24th Birthday @ Sy

Aleks invited Steffi, Luisa and me to dinner for his post-birthday get-together. We ad some sushi, chatted a bit. Always lovely to meet my friends from school.

Olson's "Oh Wow" Pre-Listening Tour @ Universal Music

Olson released his second album "Oh Wow" on Friday, 24th August. The day before he gave his last pre-listening tour date in Berlin outside Universal Music in Friedrichshain. It was quite nostalgic, because Viacom's old office is right next to that. Anyway, I headed there after my shift at MTV, met Maria and Anja and stayed there for only a bit, since we wanted to go to the movies. It was nice, I quite like the new album and I am excited for the concert in November in Hamburg.

Lisbon & Sintra-Cascais (Portugal)

Highlight of the month. Portugal was in fact my 20-country mark and I couldn't have wished for a better place to celebrate this "milestone". We had a cool AirBNB in the center (next to la Catedral Sé Patriarchal!) with the most incredible view, had fish every single day, I enjoyed a lot of vinho e cafe, had sunny and hot summer days and even rented a car to see the coast of Sintra-Cascais. Whoah! I definitely have to go back to Portugal and do a roadtrip along the Algarve and check out Porto. For real: Portugal blew my mind. It was definitely one of the best trips of 2018, maybe even of my life. Cascais is crazily beautiful, just beyond words. I hardly can imagine how Algarve must look like ... Obrigada, Portugal!

What I've eaten:

Pizza Marinara @ L'Osteria, Pasta @ Pasta Deli, brunch at Barcomi's with Toko, Vietnamese with Anja, Bubble Tea @ Comebuy, San Ma Cey-Ro @ Ishin, 2 x Klub Kitchen, sushi, Tapas @ Picoteo, fish, pastéis de nata, coffee and wine in Portugal, lunch at Suppetto ... The list is endless.

Thoughts & Feelings:

Last month ended and this month started very heavily.

Sometimes you have to decide, if you want to let people go. Sometimes you have to decide, if you want to leave. Sometimes you have to decide, if you want to be mad or understanding. Sometimes you are both. Sometimes you just want to disappear. Sometimes you have to make a cut and leave everything behind. For yourself. Even though your head and heart want something different.

August has been a constant up and down. Many parties and night outs, birthdays, a farewell party, travelling, quality time with friends, good food, work and other duties. Emotionally it has been rough and I am still trying to cope with that. But it's gonna be alright, I know that. I just need some time and distance. So it's good that I have been busy, it really distracted my mind from overthinking.

Furthermore I started packing for my move to Hamburg. I already will move into my new flat on 1st September and I still have to organise a lot of stuff. I need furniture, household stuff, I have to get a bike, ... I already cannot stand IKEA anymore ... And I only will have the first weekend of September for that, since I have to work in Berlin and will travel from mid September on. Ah yes, if you hadn't known by now: I GOT A ROOM! Actually it was the first room I took a look at. I know, I'm way too lucky at finding rooms (same happened in Barcelona). Honestly speaking, I got it right after I went there, haha. I am very excited to move in, decorate and spend time with my new flat mates.

Apart from that, August had some important events. My sister turned 22 years old, Aleks turned 24, and Giraffe Anja celebrated her farewell party. It was also my last full month in Berlin. With the end of August, summer also ended. This summer of 2018 was by far my favourite. Even though I stayed almost all the time in Berlin and worked, I just had an amazing time. I enjoyed the sun and heat a lot, I read quite a few books, chilled in the park, started writing again, had many fun night outs, food dates, went to open air theatres, danced all night and morning long, spent time with my family and friends, ... Kicking off summer with Primavera Sound in Barcelona and ending it with Portugal was the best idea ever. He disfrutado este verano muchísimo!

But I am so excited for September and October. I'll finally travel to Seoul again to visit my family. And I booked another trip in October. So, this autumn it's gonna be three Asian countries and cities. One of them is Seoul of course, but can you guess the other two? ;D You can check my Instagram stories, where I'll be off to! ;)

See you in September, guys!

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