Monthly Recap: September 2018

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Listened to:

Getting over you, moving on, on, on
Letting go of you, moving on, on, on
Can't seem to find the reasons why you're mad at me
Should've held on while you had me

So tell me why it is you're moving
All the way to Portland?
Tell me why it's so important?
I text you, you ignore it
It's useless and it's boring
I'm unhappy in my foreign
Wanna find a cliff and floor it
You left me laid out on the floor
I didn't know
(I didn't know)

You'd be the one, the one to ruin everything
You'd be the one, the one to ruin everything
You'd be the one, the one to ruin everything
The one to ruin, to ruin everything

blackbear - the 1

I know we're not in love
Love is vivid
No we're not in love
You fall right in it for a week, a month, or maybe just a minute or a lifetime
What's the difference?
Big bang or collision, love is blind

blackbear - deadroses

Uh, lately I been feeling so dead in my own skin and it's a problem, I admit it
When I look into the mirror, that ain't me, that's someone different
Reminiscing, had a vision
Getting married, having kids
And let's be honest, only thing I'm raising is these fucking digits so
And all these rumors that you bitches start are probably true, I did it

I would wish you the best but you already had it
You already had it, baby
I wish you the best but you already
Uh, you already had it, babe

blackbear - wish u the best

I was totally obsessed with blackbear's music. I've known some of his songs before, but it wasn't until this month I really started listening to him. The lyrics are very honest, straight-forward and mostly represented a lot of my current emotions. My favourites are the 1, wish u the best (!!!), chateau, verbatim, deadroses and anxiety.

Baby you're no good
Cause they warned me bout your type girl, I've been ducking left and right
Baby you're no good
Think I fell for you, I fell for you, I fell for you

You got me puttin' time in, time in
Nobody got me feeling this way
You probably think I'm lying, lying
I'm used to bitches comin' right 'way

You got me touchin' on your body
To say that we're in love is dangerous
But girl I'm so glad we're acquainted
I get you touchin' on your body
I know I'd rather be complacent
But girl I'm so glad we're acquainted

These girls born in the '90s are dangerous

The Weeknd – Acquainted

I've seen The Weeknd live at Lollapalooza Festival for the first time and I wasn't disappointed. I guess the experience would have been better, if I had been in the front row, but since he played at least one of my favourite songs, I'm not complaining.


Daniel Kehlmann – Die Vermessung der Welt

Well, it was fine. Was a very quick read, funny, interesting style of writing. The best part was the ending, where the two lives of Humboldt and Gauß got intertwined. In that sense it was very smartly written. Content-wise it was ok. I liked Ruhm by him way better.


  • Searching
    • Searching was the only movie I've watched the entire month. To make it short: I really, really liked it. It wasn't only refreshing to see an Asian leading role (John Cho), but the characters were very smart and retable. The story itself was intelligent and exciting at all time. Sometimes the plot twists were a bit too forced, but that major turn in the end was crazy. I really enjoyed the movie and can only tell you to go and watch it!

Travelled to/Attended:


I've finally moved to Hamburg. Well, kind of. I spent the first weekend of September to furnish my room and to move some of my stuff from Berlin to Hamburg. If you watched my Instagram stories, you already had a small room tour, but above you can also see the current state of my room. It's not much, it's cosy and small, but totally enough for me. It is a weird feeling. The room is already filled with my stuff, but it doesn't feel like home at all. I felt like a visitor there. And it is totally surreal. I still haven't fully realised, that I will leave Berlin in October again. This time I am leaving with a bit of homesickness, because the past 3/4-year in Berlin was just wonderful. But I am very excited for Hamburg and the "Mutterstadt" is also only 270 km far. So, no worries, I'll be back.

Steffi's 24th Birthday @ L'Osteria

Purzel celebrated her birthday at L'Osteria. Of course I had the pizza marinara again (yum!). We spent a lovely time there, but now I really have to change plans for my farewell party in October. I cannot celebrate my farewell/birthday there as well, since my sister and now Steffi already had their birthdays there. Let's see ...

Lollapalooza Festival 2018 @ Olympia Stadium & Olympia Park Berlin

The last time I went to Lollapalooza was back in 2016 at Treptower Park. This time it took place at Olympia Stadium and Olympia Park in Berlin, which is quite near to my home. Actually I had planned to go there with Anja to see The Weeknd, but since she moved to Japan, she sold her ticket. In the end, I went there with Toko. My most awaited act was The Weeknd (who was fine), but I enjoyed Casper the most. Years & Years, Ben Howard and K.I.Z. were also really nice!
Watch my Instagram story highlights to see some impressions!

Tear The Wall Down Escape Game @ Make A Break in Berlin

Actually, I'm not going to say too much about it, you can read my review here!

Seoul (South Korea)

Home Sweet Home! It's been over a year that I've been in Seoul and I couldn't wait to be in Korea again. Spending time with my family, food, shopping, exploring the city ... I just missed it. And I really picked the best time. Autumn in Korea is wonderful, especially before and after 추석 Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). It's sunny, it's warm, it's breezy, it's golden autumn. Best season ever.

Tokyo (Japan)

Since Anja got her acceptance for her job in Yokohama, I planned my trip to visit her in Japan. My sister wanted to come along as well and in the end my Mum also joined. It was my third time in Japan and honestly, it was my least favourite.

Maybe I had too high expectations. Maybe it was the stress I had due to personal issues. And we definitely had too less time. Four days in Tokyo are way too less to explore everything but even though: I didn't find it too exciting as everyone was telling me. Maybe I am already too used to (Asian) metropolitan cities. Nevertheless: Japan is great and you should visit it, if you can. But nothing over Korea. ;)

Watch my Instagram story highlights for travel impressions!

teamLab Borderless Exhibition @ MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo

To make it short: I was very disappointed. Too overcrowded, too unspectacular, too expensive. If you have mad photography skills, it can be a nice venue for some awesome shots. But you have to be patient, have extra strong nerves and endure a crazy amount of people. In my opinion, the teamLab Borderless exhibition is just a hype but feel free to convince me. ;)

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum was honestly speaking not my first pick. I wanted to enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum so badly, but wasn't lucky (two times in a row). I was glad that the National Museum was right next to the Metropolitan and in the end my craving for art was very satisfied. I saw some highlights of the Japanese art and history which I would have missed if I had entered the Metropolitan (there was a funny Bento exhibition, though). Everything worked out, in the end.

별마당 도서관 (Starfield Library) @ COEX Mall Seoul

I really have to lower my expectations. The Starfield Library looked so big and large on photos but when we arrived there, we were quite bummed. Sure, it was quite impressive and pretty but small! I expected the book shelves to be at least 10 m high and the inner square to be more spacious. Well, there were also a lot of tourists, who came and went like waves.

Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is located right next to the Seoul City Hall. It is a smaller park with palaces and some newer building in the style of the renaissance era (which don't fit together, in my opinion). If you already took a look at Gyeongbukgung, it may be worth a visit.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA Deoksugung)

Until now, I haven't seen too much of Korean modern and contemporary art. I've seen a lot of traditional and historic art pieces but somehow always left out the newer ones. Well, as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art I expected the museum to be larger and more interesting. Well, I guess I have to check out the other one near Gyeongbukgung.

Ilmin Museum of Art (엉망 Ungmang exhibition)

엉망 Ungmang is a collection by the artist Sasa. Through the exhibited items he showed his consumption and journey over the years. Honestly, I found the exhibition too less explained. It's on three floors in three rooms and sometimes there are just the items without anything. Sometimes it was very confusing and unsatisfying but well, I guess it's art, right?

What I've eaten:

In Hamburg, my Dad and me ate at Casa Ricardo some paella de mariscos at the Portuguese District. I had some yummy pizza at L'Osteria, dinner with Lisa and Mirja at Lisa's place and after that much, much, much Korean food in Seoul and Japanese food in Tokyo. Noms.

Thoughts & Feelings:

I just cannot believe that 3/4 of this year is over.

Summer is over and autumn has started. I am already reminiscing a bit about summer, since it has been so wonderful. But September already started with so many highlights that there's no time to rest!

My move to Hamburg made me realise that I will leave Berlin for real. It's a very, very strange feeling but I am really excited for all the new challenges. The Lollapalooza was fun but nothing too special, actually. I am spoilt by the Primavera Sound, I guess ... I had my last day at the marketing agency/consultancy I worked at and had a nice farewell there. In the evening I took off to Seoul. 1 1/2  days later I already sat on the plane to Tokyo again. I enjoyed Japan for four days, got back to Korea again. I got inked for the fourth time by the one and only Hongdam. I am eating my belly through the city, I am staying up late at night and sleeping in, I am trying to be online as less as possible, I am taking a lot of photos, I am enjoying the time with my family and just being home. 

Yes, I got lazy and yes this is not the healthiest lifestyle. I haven't worked out for almost three weeks and I am sensing the fatigue a lot (and my belly is starting to show again, those calories though). I am trying not to obsess about work (it's hard). I am eating everything at crazy hours. I am staying out all day and night and trying to experience as much as possible. Because in fact, I need all this.

I needed this trip so badly. There are still so many confusing feelings I keep suppressing. I am still stressing about things, I shouldn't stress about. I shouldn't put effort in thinking about them. I know that but somehow I still cannot let go. I am just putting too much pressure on myself and in the end I am getting sick of it. So, since the day I landed in Seoul I am trying to pursue things which make me happy. It already helped to put physical distance between Europe and me, surrounding me with people I love and keeping myself busy.

Everything is slowly sinking in. I am starting to accept. It's good, it's better. I'm fine, I will be fine. Everything will fall into its place and everything will be fine in the end. It always does.

See you in October guys, the best month of all!

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