Monthly Recap: November 2018

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Listened to:

Majid Jordan – All Over You

I catch you when you smile my way
I'll catch you when I make you stay
Now put your hands around my neck
And I'll show you what I want to say
My heart really needs this love
Yeah my body really needs this touch
And I love when you come my way
Yeah I won't let this moment go to waste

anders – Undone

Maybe I care too much
Am I not there enough for you
Like I wouldn't lose it all for you, for you
Nobody else, nobody else

I'm getting tired of the lonely nights
And I'm not used to all the flashing lights
In time, I realized
You were the only one that I could trust
Should've never let it between us
Now I'm lonely, I'm so lonely and it's killing me 'cause

Can't feel a thing no more
I don't know what you take me for
Love don't feel the same no more
I did this to myself
Now I'm lonely, I feel lonely, I'm so lonely and it's killing me girl


Ian McEwan – Kindeswohl

It has been quite a while that I read a novel. Atonement by McEwan is one of my favourite books, so I was excited to start this one.
It was a very quick and light read. I like how McEwan can form a simple, almost ordinary situation into something worth narrating. The story itself was kind of predictable but I really dug his style of writing.


  • Supernatural Season 12
    • I was ill in bed so I had plenty of time to binge watch. Since season 12 is finally up on Amazon Prime, I finally caught up on one of my favourite series. Yeah, it was fun.
  • The Princess Switch
    • Vanessa Hudgens still acts? I guess so. I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Well, if that is really what people want to watch ... halleluja.
  • Christmas With A View
    • Apparently I am into Christmas movies?!
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
    • I was so excited for the new movie, so I rewatched the first Fantastic Beasts. I loved it! 
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald
    • I was disappointed. Too less beasts, things didn't add up, some stories were told so artificially. I am curious about the next movie but I didn't really like this one.
  • CAM
    • ... I am still confused. So. Very. Confused.
  • Joy
    • Oh this is a really feel-good-empowering movie. Recommending it to everyone!

Travelled to/Attended:


I spent the first weekend in Berlin. After a very short night (I attended a party the night before) I managed to get up at 7 AM to take the bus to the capital. And it was so nice! The leaves turnt all yellow, it was sunny and warm. I really felt like coming home. Even though I moved away, you can never take the inner Berlinese from me.

Cinnamon Buns with the Pizza-Döner Gang

My university girl gang coincidently threw a small food get-together on the weekend I was in Berlin. So I stopped by, had some fun chit chats with the girls, ate delicious homemade cinnamon buns and enjoyed a good time.

Lisa's 24th Birthday Party @ Jonny Knüppel

The reason why I went to Berlin was Lisa's 24th Birthday. It was lovely to see her and all my friends from university. In the end they even convinced me to come along to a club. I didn't enjoy Jonny Knüppel, it kind of reminded me of a chaotic version of Sisyphos. It was also freezing cold and I had to take the bus the next evening to Hamburg again, so I left around 05:30. Little did I know that the real fun started at 06:00, but well, happens.

100 Tage im ersten Job with Mini @ TUHH & Elbphilharmonie

Mini came to Hamburg because she was invited by the ZEIT to talk about her 100 first days at her current job. It was fun, even though I thought the other speakers would also be in their 20s or at least fresh in their job, but nope. She was the youngest and the others were already working for at least 25 years. Well, I don't really get the whole concept then, but fine.

Dixon @ PAL

On my fourth weekend in Hamburg I finally had the time to explore the city's nightlife. Dixon was playing at PAL that Friday and I was very excited to see and listen to his set. Well, I waited 45 min in line but it was so worth it. I haven't had such a good club night for months and I really enjoyed it a lot. A very memorable night.

Olson's "Oh Wow" Concert @ Knust in Hamburg

Four years after his debut album, Olson dropped his second album "Oh Wow" quite surprisingly this summer. I was quite a fan back then and also loved his former music, when he still performed as Olson Rough. The concert was better than expected, I liked the mix of the new album, songs of "Ballonherz", "40213" and "Rudeboy". In the end I even got the chance to say hello to Okan, who is a former colleague of my sister and whom I coincidently met in Milano this year. :D

YB in Hamburg

My baby sister visited me in Hamburg! Unfortunately she picked one of the coldest weekends ever but even though we froze to death, it was so nice to have her here. We took the HVV ferry to Finkenwerder and explored Ottensen, had some awesome burgers, cakes and hot chocolate, went to Elbphilharmonie, had the best Pho I ever had so far, showed her my office, watched Fantastic Beasts 2, had some more yummy coffee and cake and strolled around Jungfernstieg and Rathaus. The weekend was way too short but I will see her during Christmas break again!

Taehyun in Hamburg @ Altes Mädchen

Coincidently, the weekend, my sister visited me, also my childhood friend from Korea Taehyun visited Hamburg. He is currently doing an exchange semester in Venezia and took the chance to visit some of his friends abroad in Germany. Of course we also met and had a beer tasting and some food at Altes Mädchen near Sternschanze. It's always lovely to meet him!

What I've eaten:

I cooked a lot. Well, since I am living by my own again I have to, I guess. I also had awesome Pho, enjoyed our breakfast at work during working days, hmmm ...

Thoughts & Feelings:

I am getting old. How could I go to school/uni and work the whole day and still be fresh in the evening? And even go out all weekend long? I am definitely not 16 anymore and honestly speaking, I am afraid of getting older. I mean, if I already feel that dead after a night out, how am I going to feel when I turn 30? And (not so) fun fact: 30 is less away then 16.

I miss the warm autumn in Barcelona. This winter is going to be so hard. I am already wearing my Heattech underwear by Uniqlo and I have no idea how to survive the following months. But since I am always either at work, at the gym or at home sleeping, I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

What I learnt this month: Hamburg is a small-ass town. Everyone knows everyone, everybody is connected. I sometimes already had the feeling that Berlin is small, but in comparison to the capital, Hamburg is a tiny village. Life surprises you with funny coincidences. But oh god I am so done with machos, fuck boys and self-claimed bad boys. They just talk nonsense, promise you everything and don't keep their words. I am done with expectations, asking for my piece of the cake. I guess I will stay single until I turn into a single cat dog lady. Boy bye. (Wow that sounded way angrier that it should have, haha).

Letting go is one of the toughest things to learn in life. It's hard to move on, it takes a lot of energy and time. But sometimes it has to be that way. And it definitely doesn't mean that you don't care anymore. Sometimes you care too much and that's why you have to let go. It was the first time after months that I finally felt free again. And I haven't felt that at peace for a long time.

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