Monthly Recap: December 2018

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Listened to:

anders – December (feat. LUCA)

You just need somebody you can vent to
You and I relate because I get you
Usually I don’t open up, but tonight is an exception
If I said it then I meant it (then I meant it)
Why would I pretend?
It depends 'cause there’s a line we shouldn’t cross but you know that I intend to

Yeah, I’m afraid of commitment (yeah, yeah)
I’m in a different position (yeah, yeah)
I don’t wanna hold you up, so I’ma love you from a distance
Got me countin' all my blessings
Girl you got me stressin'
On the gram postin' pics only meant for me to see just to teach me a lesson


Eckhard Tolle – The Power of Now

I currently have a thing for self-optimisation books. They really help a lot. I don't agree 100% with Tolle (some thoughts are very old-fashioned) but he had some good points. Basically the key is, not to reminisce too much about the past and not to worry too much about the future. If you let that go, you live truly in the present, in which no suffering exists. It's hard to describe it in a few words, so better read it for yourself! ;D


  • A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding
    • I really, really don't expect much from shallow movies like these. But seriously? There were so many mistakes in that movie, actors with no acting skills, weird conversations, blunt characters. Oh well, as I said: What did I expect?
  • TAU
    • I kind of watched random movies on Netflix. This one was okay, nothing memorable though.
  • Harry Potter 1-7
    • I did a HP Marathon after I watched both Fantastic Beasts movies. It was great! And can you believe that The Sorcerer's Stone is already 17 years old? Holy! My favourite movies are part 3 and 4, what are yours?
  • How It Ends
    • Honestly I just watched it because of Theo James. Ha.. such a handsome guy. The movie itself was fine, nothing too special. And a bit unsatisfying because no one knows what happened in the end?!
  • The Kissing Booth
    • Cute! Even though the plot was quite stereotypical, the dialogues surprisingly weren't that bad.
  • Aquaman
    • It was so bad. I haven't watched such a bad movie in a very, very long time.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
    • Such a nice movie! Loved the whole thing. And I was reminded of Bar Luce in Milano the whole time. I really have to watch the other movies of Wes Anderson.
  • You
    • I loved You! It's something between American Psycho, Dexter and various stalker movies. Unique style of narration, great character development, funny. Some characters were a bit blunt and unnecessary, but all in all: Recommendable! (I watched the whole season in one night ...)
  • Mistresses (Season 1 and 2)
    • Just something light, where you can turn your head off and just watch. It's fun, something really annoying. Well, I think it's the genre.
  • The Sinner (Season 1, Episode 1)
    • Well, I was very confused. I also didn't pay attention 100% all the time but it didn't really catch me.
  • Source Code
    • Hm, actually it was more fun what happened beside the movie, but yeah ... O:)

Travelled to/Attended:

Strategy Team Christmas Dinner @ Pizza Tazzi

I was invited by my agency (I will start in February full-time there) to join their Christmas team dinner. It was fun and the pizza yummy, even though I almost died of hunger since they took so long with our order. Funnily I met someone who attended the same university I went to and someone who went to the same university in Barcelona for her exchange semester. Lol. The world is so small.

Fjaak @ PAL

Oh, I finally saw the guys live! And wow, they really don't just play around. :'D The set was great, people didn't promise me too much. It was a real fun night, I enjoyed it a lot. Very memorable, again.

JvM Christmas Party @ Roots Fusion Kitchen & Fabrik

Apparently, the Christmas party always a huge event every year. It's always a secret where it'll take place. I was placed with my group at Roots, where we had real good fusion kitchen food. For starters we had tapas made of guacamole, salmon, shrimps and crackers, for the main dish we had taglitelle with deer ragout and for dessert three versions of panna cotta with ginger, raspberry and ... I don't remember.
For the party, the agency booked the Fabrik in Altona, a huge industrial building which was packed with people. Well, what can I say? It was a good night. There was good food, lovely colleagues, lots and lots of alcohol. Around 02:30 I was too drunk to function and was picked up. But still: Really fun.

(Last two photos by Frank Egel)

Christmas in Berlin

On 21st December it was time to drive home for Christmas. During the week in Berlin I just ate and slept, met friends and had drinks. Sounds like a good holiday which passed too fast. And it did. Unfortunately I somehow was sucked into this holiday nirvana where you don't want to do anything productive, so after that week it was very hard to get out of this hole again.

"Crash" by Lee Bul @ Martin-Gropius-Bau

During my week in Berlin I definitely wanted to visit Crash by Lee Bul at Martin-Gropius-Bau. The exhibition combines dreams and utopia, history of Korea, evolution. It was a very thrilling experience, some art work gave me chills and goosebumps. Some art pieces were very aesthetic while on the other hand others were almost disgusting and scary. Crash has a very unique vibe and I really recommend the exhibition.

You can see it until 13th January 2019, so hurry and go! (10€ per person, 8€ reduced)

"Impossible Love – Vintage Photographs" by Nobuyoshi Araki & "The Last Image – Photography and Death" @ C/O Berlin

I was recommended Araki's exhibition Impossible Love before Christmas by a photographer. Since I had some spare time left in Berlin, I went to C/O Berlin to see it. Araki is a highly controversial and I definitely can see why. People accuse him to use women and exploit them for his photography. His work is very explicit, especially for the 20th century where he broke many taboos. On the other hand I could see why he is celebrated by others. He combined unusual things together and created something new.
All in all it was interesting but you should keep the controversy in mind, if you visit the exhibition.

The Last Image was ... heavy stuff. It showed death on different media, mostly on photographs but also in magazine articles, on film, etc. The exhibition is definitely nothing for a light, fun museum day. I liked the curation more than I liked Impossible Love, though. If you have a strong stomach, go for it.

You can see both exhibitions until 3rd March 2019 and you will need only one ticket for both. (10€ per person, 6€ reduced)

Pizza-Döner girl gang @ Ars Vini

Karina post-celebrated her birthday and since I was in hometown, I couldn't miss the chance to see the girls. Unfortunately Lily wasn't in Berlin, but Andra joined us and we had a lovely dinner with cheese fondue and some drinks after. Damn, that fondue though!

New Years Eve Party @ Sternschanze (Hamburg)

Well, I say it every damn year, but damn, this past year has passed like nothing! I celebrated NYE in Hamburg at a friend's/colleague's house, ate a bunch of crisps (nobody stopped me T_T), had wine, danced a lot, went outside to see the fireworks and for a walk around the block (Columbian tradition). Honestly I wasn't in the best mood (hello period cramps and emotional down) and I really had thought about staying home alone in bed, watching a movie. But fortunately I went to the party and it was very fun. On the 1st January I woke up to sunshine and with quite a lot of energy. 2019 cannot start better, right?

What I've eaten:

Christmas was a feast. The moment I arrived in Berlin, the pig feeding began (I am the pig). I had ddeokguk with homemade mandoos (rice cake soup with Korean dumplings), L.A. galbi (marinated beed ribs), jjajangmyeon (Korean-Chinese noodles with black bean sauce), jjambbong (Korean-Chinese spicy seafood noodle soup), tangsuyuk (fried pork), djoenjangjjigae (soy bean stew), haemul-pajeon (Korean pancakes with seafood and leak), udon noodles, coq au vin with rosemary potatos and peach cobbler on 25th December, ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) ... I had croissants three times for breakfast, went out for sushi and cheese fondue. Beside that I had ramen, pizza, pasta, burrito, poké bowl ... It was a feast!

Thoughts & Feelings:

December was crazy. I had the feeling that I was either constantly on the go or home in bed watching a show or movie. This grey winter turned my mood down a bit, I have to admit. I couldn't really find my motivation and I always wanted to crawl back into bed. But various Christmas dinners, the big XMAS party, clubbing, chasing presents, meeting friends, gym time and of course a lot of work kept me somehow going.

Mid December I was stupid enough to nearly cut off my finger with a bread knife. Okay well, I am exaggerating but my hand bled like crazy. Sid (who was kind enough to accompany me) drove from hospital to hospital and in the end they glued the wound. I still cannot use my hand normally (still hurts) but the scar is fading slowly.

My personal life is a bit crazy right now and sometimes I am really confused.
I don't want to jinx anything or to make myself any expectations or to talk to much about it. But sometimes you happen to meet people and it just clicks. And of course you meet them when you don't expect it at all. But if I learnt something from this year, then it's not to daydream too much. And I got so much more relaxed. If it'll work out: Good. If not: Also good.

Somehow it's funny. Sometimes people don't realise what they do to themselves and to each other. I just realised that I don't want that one person back but rather than the intimacy we had. But that is very hard to find because usually I hope for too much. I don't want to be someone who is replaceable. I don't want to be the second option. I am done with being a "maybe" to someone. Yeah, I miss being with someone who just knows, understands and accepts me. I guess the weather influences my current mood a lot. I really cannot stand this grey sky, it really makes me depressed. It's really not ideal for my mental health, so I'll try to focus more on myself again. A good diet, working out, enough sleep, social interaction, reading. Let's beat this winter depression!

Oh and two last things:

1) They all will crawl back to you, sooner or later.
2) Never date someone who has the same name as your ex. (I didn't even got to date because all signs before the date were screaming "NOOOOO". I think that says everything.) 

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