Monthly Recap: February 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

Listened to:

Jennie Kim – Solo


Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens

After someone recommended me Sapiens (he reads a lot, like, really a lot), I couldn't wait and had to read it for myself. Actually it was quite a quick read, I finished it in a few weeks (side note: I mostly read on the train on my way to work, so I don't actually take time and sit down to read) and it was quite informative. In my opinion it wasn't mind blowing, but I recommend it to everyone who wants to know how humankind evolved, why humans act and function in a certain way and why our system work as they work now.


Prison Break Season 3 + 4

Meh ... Season 3 and 4 were meh. I didn't even watch the After Movie because I was already so bored. You started so good, Prison Break, but the end ... nope.

Sex Education

Oh my, I loved it! The characters are quirky and lovely, the humour is on point, I love the diversity of the cast, dialogues are smart. Cannot wait for the next season!

The Umbrella Academy

Superheroes? I have to watch it. The concept was very promising: A bunch of kids with supernatural powers growing up and training together, but fast forward and showing them in their cracked adult life. Umbrella Academy reminded me of a X-Men and Watchmen crossover. It was fun but very predictable and in the end I actually got bored.

Travelled to/Attended:


Ciao Berlino, amore mio! Since I had to cancel my trip to Berlin in January, I took the chance and went home on the first weekend in February. As usual, it was quite packed: I went to Lon Men's Noodle House with my sister and had some yummy Taiwanese Wan Tan soup and dim sum and afterwards we rewarded us with some cake at Der Kuchenladen (yes, we rewarded us after the food with new food). Lastly we checked out "Nudes" by Leiter, Lynch and Newton. In the evening I attended Paulina's 24th birthday party (pizza!) and on Sunday I had a lovely brunch with my university Alles Komplett Inc. girls at Datscha in Prenzlberg. My bus back to Hamburg left quite early that day so I rushed home, packed my suitcase and was ready to go. A very brief but needed trip back home. 

"Nudes" by Saul Leiter, David Lynch & Helmut Newton @ Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin

It's kind of a tradition that my sister and me check out interesting exhibitions when we're together. This time we decided on "Nudes" at the Helmut Newton Foundation. Shame on me but I've never been there until then, that's why I was even more excited. Honestly I wasn't really aware that Newton was that popular in high fashion, so it was really nice to check out his work. I liked Lynch's photos the best. They were very intimate and bold. Recommendable!

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK) Winter Semester Closing Party

Julia asked me if I wanted to join her to the semester closing party of the art school here in Hamburg. Sure, why not? Actually I just wanted to compare their party with ours at the UdK Rundgang ... Well, I like my university's way better. ;) The art work was ... interesting but not on the level of the UdK's. The party itself ... There was only one floor. Well ... Was still fun.

Michael Wolf's "Life in Cities" @ Deichtorhallen in Hamburg

One of the highlights actually was the "Life in Cities" by Michael Wolf exhibitions at Deichtorhallen. Beautifully curated, impressive photos, lovely installation. I really, really liked it and I am so glad I got the chance to see it.

Walks through Alsterpark, Mühlenkamp, etc.

The weather was insane. The last two weeks of February actually felt like spring. So Nele and me took a lot of walks around the Alster. When the sun was setting in the evening, the sky seemed like burning. It was really beautiful and I fell in love with Hamburg a bit more.

HYPER! A Journey into Art and Music (Opening Party) @ Deichtorhallen in Hamburg

Take some hip techno music, some contemporary artists, videographers, DJs and installations. Rent the Deichtorhallen, invite a fancy hip hop group (F.S.K.), artists and "celebrities" and give out free admission for the opening – Et voilà, you have a fancy, pretentious opening party for your exhibition. The exhibition was sure fun and I really liked some of their exhibits (Friederike von Rauch's photos with Marcel Dettman's sound playing in the background and a 3D music video I cannot remember the artist's name) but I was quite confused. There wasn't a real concept in there. Sure, everything was related to music and art but I felt like the curator just put current exciting stuff into the exhibition, which isn't really related to each other. Max Dax, the curator, is also friends with a lot of artists and musicians and apparently Sven Marquardt also attended the opening. I think that says all.

What I've eaten:

I ate out quite a lot (and my bank account shows). I had sushi, vegan Vietnamese food, Taiwanese dim sum and noodle soup, Korean homemade food, Vietnamese curry for Lunar New Year, pizza, mac'n'cheese ... Every Thursday we order food at the agency so I get spoilt at least once a week with take out food. So far we had pizza, pasta, salads, Vietnamese, Greek ... Quite a mix as you can see.

Thoughts & Feelings:

February flew by like nothing! It was my first month at my agency and I felt welcome from the beginning. The projects are diverse and interesting, I got introduced to so many new co-workers, there's awesome lunch and an inspirational talk every Thursday, the team is super awesome. Yep, I really like my job and I am really happy to have started here. And it was less work than January and there were normal working hours. :'D

(I already started in October at the firm but after three months of creative training we get transferred to a specific agency in February.)

Apart from that February was a quite fun month with ... some stupid decisions. Maybe a short advise to my future self: Don't date people with the same name. And god damnit, don't be so reckless and don't do dumb things! But in the end what matters is how you deal with your sh*t.

In February I finally had time for myself again. Gym, clubbing, reading, going out for dinner and drinks with friends, enjoying the unbelievable warm weather. It was a good month, a freeing and fun one. But I am very excited for spring! (But not for my pollen allergy, it has already started, ugh ...)

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