Monthly Recap: January 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

Listened to:

High School Musical: Troy & Gabriella – Breaking Free

James Blake – Mile High, Are You In Love

Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho


Robin Norwood – Women Who Love Too Much

Norwood is a "licensed marriage and family therapist who worked in the field of addiction" for decades. In Women Who Love Too Much she presents several issues of different women who all suffer(ed) in/from unhealthy relationships. Basically she says that our thinking and behaviour regarding romantic relationship reflects back to our relationship to our parents.

The book is from the '80s and you should keep that in mind. Some statements were very conservative and too black-and-white, in my opinion. Of course our parents have a great influence on us but I don''t believe that they are fully responsible for our behaviour regarding relationships. Some cases seemed quite constructed and adjusted to a fitting, plausible answer.

Nevertheless I found the book very helpful. It made me realise a lot of things: Why a react in a certain way, why I'm drawn to specific types of people, why I think and behave how I think and behave. It was quite a lesson and honestly I teared up the first pages every damn time. Because I could relate so much. Women Who Love Too Much was really am eye-opener for me and helped me to solve some issues I haven't overcome for a long time. Of course my problems aren't just magically gone, but at least I know what to work on and for which red flags I have to keep out looking.

And BTW it's not only for women. I recommend it to everyone! You'll learn something from it, even if it's only one tiny thing. Promise.

Haruki Murakami – Gefährliche Geliebte (South of the Border, West of the Sun)

Murakami can be read at any time and anywhere. I love his tragic stories, his wistful style of writing, the surreal and dreamy scenes which mix with reality. South of Border, West of the Sun was a quick read and I really enjoyed it. But there's one thing which annoys me: Those cheating males which are portrayed as victims. I know that adultery is quite common in East Asia and unfortunately widely "accepted" (but only if the man cheats of course, ha) and it annoys me so much. That's one reason I didn't like Hajime, the main character, at all. I quite resonated with Izumi, his first girlfriend and who he hurt because he couldn't wait to have sex with so he turnt to another woman. And Yukiko, Hajime's wife and who cheated on frequent times. The person I resonated with the most was Shimamoto, the mystical woman from the past, his one true love and soulmate. She is the only one who he didn't hurt but vice versa instead. I loved her attitude, I loved her mysteriousness, I loved her superiority over Hajime. Great woman.

Dan Ariely – The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

I was super excited about this book after I truly enjoyed Predictably Irrational. Well ... I didn't like it too much. I felt like it was a brief summary of PI and some other books. It was really disappointing. :( He only mentioned two real reasons, why humans lie: 1. We don't notice it and unconsciously compare ourselves to others. Within this process we make unconscious decisions and sometimes they include lying or betraying. 2. Everyone cheats, lies and betrays. It's always based on the situation and context and there isn't always a bad intention behind it.


Prison Break Season 1, 2 and partly 3

I always wanted to watch Prison Break but never got the chance to. Well, the first two seasons were fun, from season 3 on it was ... meh. But I continued, just for the sake of the story.

Travelled to/Attended:

Prinzenbar + Übel & Gefährlich

The friend of a friend/colleague of mine was playing in Hamburg and she invited me to come to the party as well. Well, the party at Prinzenbar was quite dead (and in the end I realised that I've already been there several years ago), but since we chilled a lot backstage it was quite relaxing. In the end Julia and I decided to go to the Bunker, where half of Hamburg was partying. The music was nice, the crowd alright, the night overall fun.

Virtual Reality Headquarters VRHQ Hamburg

On the third Friday of January we went to the Virtual Reality Headquarters in Hamburg Speicherstadt. I've already tested VR glasses several years ago at my university but it was the first time I really got the chance to play some games and explore. I mean, technology has developed like crazy in 3 years. So I showed my artistic side in a Picasso game, got scared in a horror play through (only lasted 1 min 'cause I was so terrified), teamed up and played TowerTag (so much fun but I was so bad at it), got an immersive experience through the universe and, my favourite, partied at a virtual rave. It was awesome!

What I've eaten:

I think I had about 3 meals at home this past month. I get breakfast at work (thanks to Carlos for the buffet), for lunch I pack my meals and due to the pitch we ordered dinner ever damn night. Oh and I worked on weekends, so ... I had lots and lots of pho, poké bowls, buddha bowls, Vietnamese dishes, pasta, falafel, ... In the end I was so over it.

Thoughts & Feelings:

What a crazy month. It was kind of hard to fall back into the routine after the Christmas and NYE break and at the end of the month the pitch waited for us. I haven't been working that much for a long time and it was quite exhausting, yes. I missed out my gym sessions so the stress built up, so I was mentally and physically (I always get back and shoulder pain due to stress) wrecked. Needless to say that I had no private social life or some alone time. But I learnt a lot, handled the stress quite well and I am quite satisfied with the result of the project.

Well, that was already all. I really don't have to tell anything this month. :'D The last three months at the Academy flew by, I learnt quite a lot and I am happy to experience this right now.

Maybe one last thing: I am surprised how easy going I am with people leaving. There were specifically two persons who kind of decided to cut ties and I am totally fine with that. In comparison to former times I handled the situation very well. It only bothered me for a while but now? Not even thinking about it anymore. This fact makes me realise how far I have come and that I really evolved as a person.

Yeah, you should fight for your relationships if they are important to you. But invest, not waste. Don't waste your energy, time and nerves for someone. Ask yourself: Is he/she really someone who is worth it? Does this person makes you happy, improves you, makes your life better? And lastly is he/she also committed to make it work? If not, don't waste your resources and move on. It's hard and it takes a lot of time and effort to internalise this fully, but if you do, your life will be so much easier.

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