I was born to be 25

Sunday, October 06, 2019

"As a child, I imagined myself in my late twenties in a stable job, married with two kids, a dog and a house. But in reality, I am struggling to find a job, eating my leftovers from two days ago and I am single AF."

When you turn 25, people say the best years are already behind you. After 25, 30 is just a stone's throw away. And then you have to grow up.

When you turn 25, people somehow get even more concerned about your private life. "Do you have a boyfriend? Don't you want kids? You're not that young anymore."

When you turn 25, people assume you already have figured your life out. Your career goals, one or two hobbies you stick to (maybe yoga and pottery class), one permanent group of friends you see once a month.

When you turn 25, people ask when and where you want to settle down. "Are you going to live in the city or in the suburbs? I think it's better for kids to grow up in the outskirts. Have you thought about your engagement party yet?"

When you turn 25, people expect bullshit from you.

I cannot imagine myself in a stable situation at this point in my life. And it is far from stable: I just moved to Amsterdam a month ago to start my Master degree and neither the university nor the city have made it easy for me. My sleeping schedule is fucked up, I have injured various body parts and the pain still haunts me, I don't have a job (yet), I am broke AF and I'm always coming back home soaking wet because of the insane rain here.

My life is far, far from perfect and I am everything else than what people expect me to be at 25.

Sure, I probably already have lived more than a quarter of my life. Sure, I am an adult now and decisions now have greater consequences than five years ago. Sure, I should focus on what to do next, what to do with my life.

But I am still young. 25 is so young. Mid-twenties. Your twenties are for figuring stuff out, making mistakes, meeting and letting go of people. The past year I have lived very selfishly and did everything I wanted to do. I tried new sports, read meaningful books, put me in uncomfortable situations in order to challenge myself, spoke honestly about my feelings, flirted my way through bars and clubs, met inspiring people and connected deeply with them, got rejected and disappointed, cut ties with toxic people, took time for myself, learnt and learnt and learnt. I took care of myself and accepted myself for who I am.

I regret nothing and I've never been happier in my life. And I am absolutely not done yet.

So fuck what people say.

When you turn 25, you are just getting started.

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